“Eat breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dine like a beggar” is one of the most popular and repeated phrases about food, but it can also be false if it is not well understood. Of course, you can talk a lot about mistakes at breakfast, so we reveal the ones that are most frequently associated with the first meal of the day.

The first thing to clarify is that breakfast is not always the most important meal of the day, but depends on many factors, such as the type of life we ​​lead, although it should always include healthy foods and avoid mistakes that, unconsciously, most of us commit often.

But there is no need to worry. And the thing is, if the thing is about sayings, “it’s never too late if happiness is good”, so we are going to help you identify some mistakes that many of us make with the first meal of the day.

1.Skip breakfast completely

Many people do not feel hungry when they wake up or they are short of time and resort to a simple coffee. It’s a mistake, so if you want to keep your hunger hormones in check and prepare yourself for a good mood, try at least a small snack, like a handful of walnuts, almonds, or dried fruit.

2. Not spending enough time for breakfast

You don’t always have time to sit down to a slow, leisurely breakfast. You eat more when you are in a hurry because satiety signals are not reached and you still seem hungry, so you are more likely to continue eating after feeling full.

3. Rely on caffeine for energy

Many believe that they are not fully awake until they have their first coffee of the day, but on an empty stomach it can be too acidic for the body. A cup of coffee is a good “injection of energy”, but it must be taken into account that coffee is a stimulant, and the body demands more and more when it gets used to it, so there are other options to have energy such as sleeping well, exercise and stay hydrated.

4.Not adding healthy fats to breakfast

Many breakfast foods are full of carbohydrates, such as industrial buns, sugary cereals, cookies … and it is a big mistake to eat them. We must incorporate healthy fats to keep us full of energy for longer. For example, a whole wheat or grain toast with avocado can be the perfect breakfast, or a low-fat yogurt accompanied by fruit, cereals or nuts to fill up.

5.Choosing sweet foods for breakfast

Traditional starter foods like cereal, cookies, and muffins often hide tons of added sugar. Try to avoid them, replacing them with healthy alternatives without camouflaged calories that do not contribute anything to our body.

6.Eat only carbohydrates for breakfast

And despite being a healthy source of energy, they are not the only thing the body needs to function in the best way. Proteins and fats take longer to be used as fuel and keep us satiated for longer. Having a good balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates can keep your blood sugar from spiking. A good breakfast should be a mix of protein and fiber-rich foods, for example, eggs with vegetables, Greek yogurt with fruits, nuts and seeds, a perfect combination to keep your blood sugar stable and a full stomach.

7.Relying on eggs for protein

Eggs, especially scrambled ones, are an option in many breakfasts, but you don’t have to eat them so much that they become a total nuisance. You have to take them in moderation and vary, eating something different every day.

8.Not drinking enough water in the morning

One of the first things to do when we wake up is to drink a glass of water, ideally with a little lemon. Sometimes thirst tricks us into thinking we are hungry, but staying hydrated from the start will make it less likely to happen.

9.Drink skimmed milk, or at least semi-skimmed milk for breakfast

Fat-free milk may seem like an option, but what you save in calories is lost when your body can’t absorb its nutrients. Soy, almond, and coconut milk can be a healthy alternative to dairy milk, if versions with no added sugar are used.

10.Not indulging in a craving

A crucial part of healthy eating is enjoyment. Sometimes cravings are a good option. Do not abuse “unhealthy” foods, but everything in its proper measure, the most important for good nutrition is balance and variety.

So… take note and banish the mistakes we always make at breakfast forever, because it’s easier than it sounds!


Reference: Europa Press