We talked to the young model Loendris Cuesta (18 years old). One of the new faces to discover that it tries to open itself way in the world of Spanish and international fashion.


Q.-Where you from?

A.- I’m from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Q.- What do you do?

A.- I’m student and I work as a model.

 Q.-What genre of music do you like?

A.- I would say i like almost everything

Q- Tell us an issue close to your heart?

A.- It affected me a lot when my mother had to come to Spain for the first time

Q.- Fashion Highs?

A.- I don’t know, I love all my outfits, I guess it depends on every occasion

 Q.- Fashion Lows?

A.- I don’t have them. If I buy something it is because I like it and it makes me feel comfortable

Foto: Claudia Tamara Estilismo: Alex Miller

Q.- Last Thing you bought?

A.- Lingerie. I Love it

 Q.- Last person you called and why?

A.- My mom, for mother’s day.

 Q.- One thing you need right now?

A.- Covid-19  ends when it comes first.

  Q.- Your style in 3 words?

A.-That’s a hard question. I have never asked myself until now.  I think my style is young, safe and comfortable.

 Q.- Your fashion icon and why?

A.-Lady gaga because she has it very clear that the garment does not make her but she defines the garment.

 Q.- Style is..

A.- That you are the key of an outfit. Now I have a question. Do you think that Lady Gaga’s outfits would have been the same without Gaga?


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