Mujer Ideal organization presents a global and virtual conference about the resilience of women in which interesting topics will be addressed and, from their experience, they will tell stories that inspire strength and hope in the face of adversity, highlighting speakers such as Guillermina Mekuy, Bisila Bokoko , Olivia García, Gema Jones, Emma Torres, Inmaculda Bela, Viola Edwaard or Saskia Harkerma, among others.

Throughout our lives, women have had to face some misfortunes, be they large and / or small, since there are always obstacles that we are forced to overcome in order to continue moving forward. It is a process that involves finding adaptation strategies and reinforcing our individual skills in a positive way in the face of adverse situations. This is what is commonly known as resilience, a common positive response that develops the ability to adapt and emphasize the potential to face adversity. It is not an innate characteristic, but a behavior that can be learned and, hence, the importance of sharing our experiences.

For this reason, the IV Mujer Ideal 2020 Edition, which aims to raise awareness about the problems that 2020 has caused in different sectors for women through resilience as a tool for empowerment.

Mujer Ideal was founded in 2014 as a socio-cultural project that aims to promote the empowerment of women by showing the worth of women, especially Equatoguinean women, of how to accentuate this positive image so that it can be an inspiration and be a great reference for future generations.