Music is an universal language through which one can convey such important messages as the claim of the right to love with freedom and respect. Many musical artists have used their talent to support the LGBT collective and defend the need for its visibility, as well as to promote tolerance and denounce homophobia. Today we suggest you five artists who have broken into the industry in a blatant way and also maintain a very special connection with the LGBT community:


Photo: Halsey/ getty Images

She was born in Washington in 1994 and as a good millennial she started to make her way in the music world sharing covers in platforms like you had or Soundcloud. The first original song she released in 2014 was Ghost, a single that turned her into a viral phenomenon. Without mincing words, she has publicly acknowledged suffering from bipolar disorder, with the aim of raising awareness about mental illness. She has also expressed her bisexuality and defends a group of people who suffer the consequences of all the prejudices attributed to them, even within the LGBT community itself. In fact, Strangers, a collaboration with singer Lauren Jauregui, has come to be seen as an anthem of bisexuality. The American artist’s music has managed to connect with those who have an identity that is “outside the norm” and invisible.

Miss Caffeine

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Sergio Sastre, Álvaro Navarro and Antonio Poza are the members of a band that emerged in a fan forum and joined in 2006. Their big debut came in 2016 when they released the album Detroit, since then they are a recurrent band in the most important festivals in Spain. The music that characterizes them is of an indie-pop style and in their lyrics they show difficult situations that the LGTB collective has to face throughout their lives, from the experience of the vocalist, Alberto Jiménez, who defends the rights of the community through social networks or interviews. One of the songs dealing with the subject is Reina from the EP Oh Long Johnson, which exposes the harassment she suffered throughout her life because of her sexual orientation. Other causes in which the singer participates are the WorldPride hymn of Madrid.

Javiera Mena

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The Chilean artist debuted with an album that made her jump to stardom in 2006 called Esquemas Juveniles. Although she rejects the standard as she claims that she speaks with what she does, the singer has publicly stated her sexual orientation and defends the need to give visibility to the lesbian community, which is at a disadvantage compared to gay men in that regard. In addition, she has performed at Pride parties and denounced the violence suffered by women for freely living their sexual orientation in Latin America. A song by Javiera Mena that could be considered a gay hymn is Espada with a videoclip of eighties and futuristic aesthetics that expresses desire and love.


Photo: Serpentwhitfeet/Alamy

Josia Wise is a very special artist with roots in the Gospel. He was born in Maryland and grew up in different artistic branches. In 2016 he released his first EP Blisters, a strange and magnetic work that made the musician’s art known. Two years later, he released the album Soil, which deals with the pain, disappointment and memories he has of falling out of love with ex-boyfriends. This album features singles like Cherubim, a declaration of devotion to the man he falls in love with. The vibrant sounds, electronic and gospel touches provide a very characteristic essence that gives his music an overflowing personality, through which he freely expresses his sexuality, love, heartbreak and disappointments.

La Casa Azul

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Also known as Guille Milkyway has been in the music world for over 20 years. In 2007 he launched La revolución sexual, a gay anthem that continues to sound from the most modern nightclubs to the soundtrack in one of the most successful Netflix teen series, Elite. The lyrics of this song are totally universal, cheerful and most importantly talk about self-improvement, with that funky touch and a futuristic style it is impossible to stay in the quiet seat. In addition, the artist has always been very connected to the LGTB community and in his videoclips he makes the collective visible.