Christmas and decoration are two aspects that need to enter into symbiosis when the month of December begins. The nativity scene, lights, Christmas trees and tinsel are some of the objects that are most often found in homes at this time of year. However, there are many ideas to give a more personal touch to Christmas decorations. Here there are 5 ideas to decorate your living room with creativity and get out of the monotony:

As we have already said, a good Christmas tree cannot be missing. You can give the original touch by taking a risk with the objects you hang on it: from those that attract attention because of their colours, which are in the range of red, green or gold, such as pink or sky blue, to shapes that evoke a piece of sushi. For those people who dare with the crafts, another option is to make hanging trees. You must get two long branches and with some thickness, then, they are cut in 6 parts that will be joined in a progressive order. The longest stick will be the base and the shortest one will correspond to the end of the crown. Finally, you will only have to choose the wall where you want to put it and add the decorations.

Another great idea is the Christmas wreath. An ideal option is to choose to make them manually. All you need is a branch of a red fruit bush, a transparent plastic ring that serves as a base to hook the branches and give free rein to your creativity. You can add different accessories such as stars, Christmas balls or bows.

On the other hand, a must-have for tables during this festive season are the centrepieces. These can also be customised. Simply choose a base: a wicker basket, a tray, a large classic plate or a wooden box. To finish off, pine cones, mistletoe twigs, brightly coloured or more neutral candles can be added depending on the range of colours you choose and the flowers you like best.

The vases in the living room or the hall are another resource with which to bring that Christmas atmosphere into the home, since they are transparent with some Christmas motif: Christmas balls, placing a Nativity scene of small figures -which you can find in the stalls in the Plaza Mayor- inside them or a tinsel. If the vases are opaque, you can always wrap the outside with an elegant gift wrap or ribbons.

Finally, the lights. They can be placed in many ways and in any place. As a curtain on room windows or as a garland on the outside. They are a must and you can find them in the form of stars, multicoloured, white or warm tones.

With all these proposals, you can give a twist to this year’s Christmas decoration and give it a more creative style. Or more importantly, enjoy the process with songs that are usually only heard at this time of year: Santa Claus Christmas is coming to town or All I want for Christmas is You.