Coachella is one of the most relevant festivals at international level. Millions of music, performance and fashion fans are anxiously awaiting the beginning of April just for the arrival of the big event. However, this year the dates have been postponed due to the coronavirus until October: From the 9th to the 11th and from the 16th to the 18th. Therefore, the poster had been published, for the initial month of celebration, is now an unknown if it will be maintained or modified.

Even so, this great musical event is 20 years old and among the heads of the 2020´s poster do not go unnoticed the incredible Frank Ocean or the disruptive Travis Scott. As well as other emerging artists who also present an overflowing identity and originality such as Princess Nokia or Aya Nakamura.

And what better way to pay tribute to Coachella’s anniversary than to delve into the achievements of artists who are revolutionizing the music scene and offer a playlist that will be available on spotify – songs like “Say so” by Doja Cat or “Moves” by Big Sean – to enjoy the festival and let your imagination run wild from home.

The first artist is Aya Danioko known under the pseudonym of Aya Nakamura – in reference to the character Hiro Nakamura from the NBC TV series Heroes – has shaken the foundations of the Afrobeat genre in just over two years. In 2018, the young Malian living in France swept away the “Djadja” sinlge, which has over 400 million views on YouTube. In her music, one can deduce the musical and vocal influence of the griots – storytellers, religious singers and poets of the West African oral tradition – coming from a family belonging to this tradition. The artist uses African, Spanish and English expressions in her lyrics.

Imagen: Youtube

She was considered the most listened to female artist in France at the beginning of 2019 and has managed to get her hits sung in non-French speaking countries.

The New Yorker Princess Nokia or Desteny Frasqueri – the first name – is another of the great artists who were to perform at the festival. Of Puerto Rican descent and experiences in Spanish Harlem, her music is not understandable without these two determining elements in the singer’s life. She is characterized by the distance she takes from the aesthetics of luxury and the high standard of living that many trap Queens and current R&B figures boast.

A song that defines the type of messages she sends through music is Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T), both the song and the videoclip protest against the most socially accepted physical stereotypes and destroy prejudices. With an enveloping chorus and a base that drinks from jazz and mariachi, the young New Yorker exudes freshness and charisma.

 Peggy Gou links music and fashion. It’s common to see her at high level festivals with her dj set and watching fashion shows of brands like Miu Miu. She has a brand of clothes coined with the name of Kirin and, sometimes, she is the one who plays the music in events related to fashion. South Korea is the birthplace of the young artist, something she usually does a wink at in her music. One example of this is “Starry Night,” which includes vocals in Korean, along with becoming the theme song for the launch of her own record label, Gudu Records, in 2019.

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The dj’s eclectic sounds are influenced by Acid House, Chicago’s Old School House, Detroit’s techno, and African Beat. Without a doubt, she has conquered the electronic public.

One proposal that originated in the music industry is Hatsune Miku, a virtual ologram that is 16 years old and has already toured half the world. It has more than 63 million views on Youtube and 2.5 million followers on social networks. The virtual artist was born of the japanese company Crypton Future Media and has become a representative figure of J pop, a characteristic music genre of the asian country. With two long blue ponytails and a schoolgirl look, the virtual singer emits sounds through voice synthesis software that allows her to create musical compositions. The artists´s lastest single is “Yume to hazakura”.

This is a technological-musical product that has been at the level of opening for Lady Gaga or Pharrell Williams, and now, invited to the festival.

“Astroworld” is the name of the album that managed to amaze the public and music critics in 2018 with a conceptual component that has to do with the childhood of rapper and composer Travis Scott. The EP’s title refers to an amusement park he used to go to as a child in his hometown of Houseton, Texas, which was torn down to make way for buildings. It features songs like Sicko Mode, a collaboration with Drake, which reached number one on the Billboard hot 100. And in December 2019, he releases “Jackboys”. An album in which he presents – through collaborations – Don Toliver, Sheck Wes and Chase B, the stars of his record label, Jack Cactus Records. And it features such luxury guests as Young Thug and Quavo. But the single that has made its way onto the most listened to list in the United States over the past year is “Highest in the Room,” a debut that he has covered in a remix with Rosalía and Lil Baby, and which encompasses Spanish-language verses as well as bringing together innovative talent from today’s music scene.

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It is clear that the American star, nominated six times for a Grammy, has positioned himself as one of the most important artists on the new music scene.

 Tahliah Debrett Barnett aka Fka twigs, would be another confirmed artist for the event. In 2014, the english singer already managed to project the future of R&B with the EP “L1”, in which she escaped from the conventional and reflected an extraordinary production. Something that she has not only done again but also surpassed with the album she released last year, entitled “Magdalene”. The name pays tribute to Mary Magdalene and the content is as spiritual as the title of the album. The songs mimic the different faces of pain in a brilliant way, through sound. The presence of the electronic and ambient music is much clearer than perhaps in the previous album where the fusion of R&B with trip hop was more evident. “Home with you” or “Cellophane” are some of the themes that stand out from the album. In the videoclips you can also appreciate the visual artistic talent of the singer who directed the first single mentioned.

Imagen: Youtube

In short, FKA twigs makes music that avoids oblivion, is part of that group of artists that reinvents itself and surprises.

 Symere Woods or commonly known as Lil Uzi Vert has positioned itself at number one on the world list of albums made every week by the United World Chart with Mediatraffic with “Eternal Atake”. The first single from the album “Futshal Suffle 2020” went viral on social networks with the challenge that the artist himself posed to his followers by performing the choreography shown in the video clip. It is a song with a certain dance inspiration. 

Lil Uzi Vert has earned himself a place at the top of the american trap due to his talent and his indisputable contribution to the genre.

 The final point of this review is made by Frank Ocean. Many of the singer’s fans have missed his absence since the release of the album Blonde in 2016. However, in November 2019 he presented “In My Room”, a song that precedes two other singles released this month: “Cayendo” and “Dear April” – although the most impatient of them were able to enjoy these last year, on a vinyl that he put on sale on his website -. The composer surprises by singing mostly in Spanish a romantic ballad with an electric guitar sound, although under some electronic arrangements. On the other hand, “Dear April”, which is performed entirely in English, treats a fleeting sentimental relationship. The composition has the distinct sound of an ambient keyboard.

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Frank Ocean is an artist who has managed to delight both the public and the critics with an experimental piece of music that can be heard on the album “channel Orange” or the one mentioned above, with that creative freshness that makes it so authentic.

 Despite having made a small summary of artists who would have lived up to Coachella’s 20th birthday, the poster invites you to explore in the styles and identity of many other singers and composers who, together, are bringing a totally new and different vision to the music as it was understood until a few years ago.


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