The streets are full of faces trying to defend themselves with their eyes. This season is marked by the new rules of the game that have imposed the use of masks. So much so, that on the Milan catwalks we could see how the lips have stopped wearing matt colours – except for some firms like Versace, which dared to use fuchsia colours – to show themselves naked under a sober layer of hydration. During times of crisis, lipsticks have always accompanied women as a symbol of resistance, struggle and empowerment in the face of adversity – remember those 50’s -, however, this case is totally different from the previous ones and the forecasts indicate that the mask will be a necessary “accessory”, at least, in the medium term.

So that the look will be the protagonist of make-up trends for the coming season. The eyeliner will be a great ally to achieve a very marked eye with a certain dramatic touch, as Dior bet in the last runway in Paris, or play with the folds of the eyelid getting to create geometry, as well as clean and perfect lines that result in a futuristic look while nostalgic (by influences of the 60s). We recommend the Waterproof Dior show on Stage Liner by Dior or the waterproof Tatto Signature eyeliner by L’Oreal Paris.


However, we have seen how many parades of the spring-summer 2021 season have been invaded by sobriety, as far as make-up and hairstyles are concerned. The models showed a good face effect, with a healthy look thanks to the use of juicy bases and the impetus to bring out a natural luminosity in the face. Kenzo or Cecile Bahnsen are some of the many firms that bet on this makeup – nomakeup effect on the catwalks. For optimal results, it is essential to use moisturizing products targeted to the type of skin – oily, mixed, dry – and choose a base more or less matifying depending on skin type.

Cecile Bahnsen

The eyebrows are another element that enhances the expression of the face and now become even more important. Therefore, the tendencies reveal us that we are going to play with the shape of these in order to achieve what is called foxy eyes, straight eyebrows and the curved area in an upward direction in order to achieve a refined look. In addition, Bella Hadid surprised in the VMA’s with some very 90’s. Will this mean the return of fine eyebrows?

Bella Hadid VMAs 2020

Regarding the lips, we must insist that not using lipstick on our dressing table is not an option, since it is a great ally when it comes to completing a look with which we are going to share -even if it is at or from home- conversations with friends, parties or family gatherings -for that reason and for all the meaning we have mentioned in the first paragraph. However, it must be admitted that everything points to the fact that the must-have of the season will be the moisturising balms free of shine.