They say that every crisis is always an opportunity. No one can deny that we are in that crisis, a word that in Greek meant change, rather, attitude for change. It seems as if covid19 is shaking the planet’s structures. Giving us a notice that nothing is easy. It has not been in the history of Humanity, which from the first “homo sapiens” has had to evolve, first, to adapt to nature and almost always to try to overcome it. There have always been epidemics, diseases, wars, unexpected events … but modern man, not in all parts of the world, but in the West, seemed to have become accustomed to a continuous improvement in his living conditions, to a comfortable existence, with safe parameters . But the reality is that we have always lived in uncertainty, that has been the constant of evolution: facing the unexpected, facing natural events and human decisions that created problems and had to be solved. The idea that winter was for work and summer for rest and vacation is a very recent western idea. So perhaps it is time to start thinking that our path is a whole and that in the future, we will have to harmonize and see things differently.

This summer we are going to make some recommendations that will be good for all of us, regardless of age and situation.

1.- Examine the frame of your dreams. Think big … but analyze what is possible and what you are most prepared and predisposed for. Do not stop your dreams or spare effort. But do it in the right direction. Try to make your activities positive and help to have a better life for everyone. More supportive and more ecological, for example.

2.- Think that you are not alone. Without the others we are nothing. Others plant and collect, make bread, clean the streets, take care of our health and leisure. Try to collaborate so that no one is left behind. Do it to the best of your ability.

3.- The family is a natural institution. And it’s always there. Spend a little more time on your things. Above all, if you are young, give a little time to the elderly.

4.- Have fun without jeopardizing the health of others. This is now important, until the “bug” is overcome.

5.- Mens sana in corpore sana, said a Latin proverb. If you take a little care of your diet and your body, your mind will be more fit and you will find yourself stronger and more resistant to face any situation.

6.- Take advantage of leisure to learn. There are many things that can help us improve, one of them is languages. Take advantage of technology and relative isolation to learn another language well.

7. Don’t stop. Don’t lock yourself up. Travels. And do it to beautiful and unknown places. If they can be in our own country, now is a good opportunity. And also look on the internet for information about places you don’t know: texts, photos, videos … There are wonderful ones.

8.- Try, little by little, to do what you like. To try that leisure and work are not so different. It would be wonderful if you could work in the future on what you like. You will pay more … And you will be happier.

So take advantage of summer not only to rest, but also to be better, have broader perspectives and do what you can to make the planet a better place for everyone.