These days marks the first anniversary of the recognition of the first case of Covid in the world. Then the contagion of the new virus was officially recognized by the WHO in the Chinese city of Wuhan and the death, on January 9, of the first fatality. However, the signature added to Covid, number 19, is the recognition that it was in 2019 when the virus appeared in a market in Wuhan, a market that was already closed on January 1 of last year.

It may not be as important to set exact dates as to remember that we have been a pandemic for a year. That the world has changed since then. That the virus is still with us and that, although vaccines have been discovered in record time, it will take a long time to eradicate it and that in the event that it does not become endemic and we have to live with it, as happens with the flu .

A virus that no one knows for sure yet how it arose but that has been installed all over the world, seriously affecting the health and sanitation of the entire planet. Covid19 is not only an element that has meant the need for new approaches to hygiene and customs, but it is also something that has totally changed our way of life and the very economy and work of companies and people.

May this anniversary not scare us but rather serve as a turning point to fight with more strength and determination against something that was unexpected but that we will have to overcome. And search the situation, escape routes and social and individual renewal. May an evil not destroy us but rather allow us to continue advancing on the hard path of progress and improvement of the life of Humanity.