Vegetables on fire, species with tints of flavour and color, millenary cereals and brown rice are the protagonists of the most international restaurant of the Umbrella group with which its creators seek “a return to the origins”.

With a suggestive and evocative name in equal parts, Aarde is the last gastronomic bet of the Brazilian Sandro Silva and the Spanish Marta Seco, couple, partners and alma mater of the Umbrella group. A business group responsible for restaurants as media and successful as ‘Ten con ten’, ‘El Paraguas’, ‘Amazónico’ or ‘Numa Pompilio’.

Located in front of the Puerta de Alcalá, in the heart of Madrid, Aarde -which means Earth in Afrikaans- is a trip to Africa, “a return to the origins” in aesthetics, materials, forms and, of course, recipes. Its creators define this original proposal as “organic as African winks”, something that can be seen in a gastronomic menu where they give great prominence to vegetables on fire – a special mention deserves its very tasty green okra curry with basmati- rice, to millenary cereals that they have managed to survive fashions and trends, and brown rice that is accompanied by fish from the Strait and organic meats.

But the trip to the heart of Africa as a metaphor for “Mother Earth” is also felt from the kitchen itself with honeys, coffees and spices, an explosion of sensations created by chef Giovanni Campoo, who pays homage at the beginning of all time. It is an authentic reinterpretation of the infinite wealth that we can find in the African continent.

Food is not the only ingredient with which we will enjoy our stay in Aarde, the decoration is another unquestionable piece in success.

Cousi Interiorismo, or what is the same, Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín. they have achieved that, in the blink of an eye, we feel that we are flying over the vastness of Africa.

Sparts, wicker, macramés, ceramics bought in African markets, ceramics, bamboo, plaster … handicrafts at the service of this labyrinthine restaurant that this January is a year since its opening. We need to highlight the imposing carpet of 150 square meters inspired by the aerial views of the Earth. Feel Africa and see the continent at your feet.

An aesthetic and gastronomic luxury for the senses that, without a doubt, is well worth a visit. Of course, we recommend you book early because one year after its opening, it is still a “place to be” of the Madrid capital