MEIK is a digital publication that celebrates the essence of miscegenation by providing a platform to give visibility and empowerment to diversity, especially to women, within society.

Each publication is focused on offering top quality content and references, with a sophisticated, attractive and innovative editorial line. News, Fashion and Beauty, Culture, Luxury, Business, Economy, Politics, etc. are some of the sections that will inspire readers to meet new references in the globalized world.

MEIK aims to highlight the definition of diversity through a motivating message of success and excellence on a personal, professional and intellectual level.


Guillermina Mekuy: Founder and CEO
Jacqueline Do Rosario: Managing Director
Isabel Elunku: Editor-in-chief
David García: Communication and Marketing Director
Silvia Milang: General Coordinator
Yousseff Karmouni y Martha Vilaro: Public relations staff
Estudio 6 Agency www.estudio6.esEditorial staff
Contributors: Emilio Porta, Dr. Ignacio Palomo, Dra. Luisa Naomi Mba y Yubi Malloni