born of a taste for life, freedom, culture and crossbreeding. It is an online platform founded Victor Araguas Nsue where African artisans translate their identity and cultural traits into innovative patterns and designs, using handmade materials, directly from Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya and thus transmitting the immense and varied beauty and color of the African continent to Spain and to anywhere around the world.

African textile creations enjoy a great ancestral tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Full of symbolism, sensations and wisdom, each garment is an authentic handcrafted piece. For this platform it is important to preserve this legacy and, at the same time, to collaborate and cooperate with greater socio-economic development that changes the unfair rules of international trade that consolidate poverty and global inequality. an initiative that not only try to sell, but also to raise awareness and bring culture, art, fashion and literature from a wonderful continent to other parts of the world and reflect that sustainable, confident and transparent trade in Africa is a reality. Its main purpose is to promote and give visibility to the Afro world, weaving networks and facilitating collaboration, transactions and exchanges with African communities looking for a common benefit without borders.


Instagram: @africanafeel

Facebook: Africana