Thirty years of work and dedication has resulted in an international law firm, with a strong presence in Latin America. What is the vision and mission of Medina Cuadros Abogados?

A law firm is not just any organization. It is difficult today to dispense with the typically business organization modes, which have been revealed to be the most efficient even in the field of public organizations. However, a law firm not only combines capital and labor to produce and distribute services in the market, but also requires expert knowledge, technical skills, attitudes and behaviors to the problems of clientele, loyalty, commitment … When the firm it is projected to other jurisdictions and countries, the requirements of excellence are redoubled and become more demanding. Therefore, the vision of Medina Cuadros is chaired by a constant “office ambition”; We aim for the greatest satisfaction of our customers, who are the center of all our desires, the best incentive for our commitment to constant improvement. Our mission is aligned with our vision, which reflects who we are, what we do, to whom our services are intended, what are our strategic advantages and our differential factor in a highly specialized professional services market.

International law is a complex activity and every time has a strong social impact, see new regulations on data protection, use of technological means, how do you see the evolution of international law in a context of rapid and continuous regulatory changes?

The international law of our day is the Law of globalization. Globalization implies deterritorialization, acceleration and intensification of social relations. It is a new reality, protein, messy, multiple, which must be redirected to rules. International law has been manifesting itself through the dissemination and adoption of transnational or supranational legal institutions, which coordinate and even integrate different legal systems and cultures. International law faces challenges as complex as the new century is complex. Jurists therefore have a great responsibility.

Spain, according to data from the Ministry of Economy in October 2019 we have 2.8 million small and medium enterprises, constituting a solid business fabric. What recommendations would you offer to these companies, in which, on multiple occasions they do not have legal advice from reference?

There are at least two recommendations that I can make with all knowledge and conviction: one, look for good legal professionals; another, require those legal professionals a preventive strategy that avoids or minimizes the conflict, and even more the judicialization of the conflict. Based on these two premises, legal advice should be adapted to the ever-changing needs of small and médium companies.

Let’s go back to the international area. How have society and companies adapted to new channels and regulatory contexts? According to sources of international transparency of the United Nations, in its first half report of 20 19, the different population groups, in a large majority are not able to understand the legislation and associated jurisprudence, are we technifying the regulatory framework to an extreme?

Law is a technique that can only be practiced by technicians. The more complex a technique is, the more qualified those who practice it must be. Another thing is that the law must be intelligible, not only for jurists, but for the recipients of the rules. The recipients of the rules must be able to easily understand the regulatory requirements, otherwise the end of the law would be frustrated. The same applies to judicial or administrative decisions: they should be written in such a way that they can be easily understood by an average citizen. The law becomes hateful when it cannot be easily understood. And when it is not understood one tends to think that it is absurd when not unfair. Also on this point, legislators and judges have a great responsibility in making themselves understood. The challenge is to translate the great technical-legal complexities into an understandable language.

Let’s talk about the role of women in society. This year the Forbes SUMMIT Women 2019 was developed, co-organized by Forbes and Grant Thornton. In this prestigious event and in the “Women in Business” report they reveal that, after years of stagnation, the percentage of women managers in Spain has grown again, with an increase between 20 18 and 20 19 of three points and standing at a remarkable 30% Are we facing a real trend change? What are the barriers that should be overcome in the business environment?

 On this issue you have to bet on real advances, not stay in empty proclamations. That trend you are referring to is measurable, and therefore represents a reliable indicator. Trends forecast the future with a high degree of probability. If so, we should congratulate ourselves, not only women, but society as a whole. Promoting gender diversity implies a social advance, certainly, but also seeks greater business profitability. Today nobody discusses the correlation between innovation and diversity, it is empirical evidence. What has to be achieved is that this real progress does not stop, and for this it is necessary that companies and public administrations continue to adopt in a sustained manner measures that guarantee change. These measures should be aimed at removing the main obstacles that according to the study you cite, the double task or work that women perform simultaneously in your company or professional activity and in your own home, and the idiosyncrasies of companies and their activity sectors.

Finally let’s talk about training. There is a continuous growth of students who enroll in the law career and their respective specialties, which denotes a clear strategic positioning of the career. What recommendation would you offer to new lawyers who want to develop their own law firm?

Law studies continue to be a suitable option for both generalist and transversal profiles. The formation of a law graduate is a good starting point to make your way into an increasingly unstable and changing labor market. The specialty is always on the surface and is replaceable. Deep formation is what remains, and what makes us better or worse jurists. Among the many outlets available to our young graduates, the law is surely the most risky but certainly also the most exciting. My recommendation is twofold: study and work. The rest will follow.

Mother, wife, grandmother, businesswoman and founder of Medina Cuadros How to reconcile so much responsibility activity successfully?

There is time for everything because a life goes a long way. It is only necessary to be willing to take advantage of what we have been given and think big. And there is no success outside of work.