Few current buildings in the world demonstrate greater love and identification with Nature than the building designed by architect Jean Nouvel next to the capital of Quito, Ecuador, in the Cumbayá Valley. A building of singular beauty that seems an extension of the beautiful Ecuadorian natural landscape and that, at the same time, offers maximum functionality and habitability. It is a natural and humanistic building. With landscaped terraces that look like particular plateaus with beautiful views and that represent an extension and a bridge from the inside to the outside, with the sky as the horizon.

The large terraces, gardens and pools created allow the use and exploitation of outdoor spaces that form, thanks to the construction elements and lighting, a continuity with nature. The terraces together with the green roofs on the roof floors, return to nature the space occupied by the building, also improving thermal insulation and generating spaces for rest and relaxation.

The entire project is also developed in a sector surrounded by green areas and large squares, strategically located and easily accessible, in the best residential area of ​​the Cumbayá Valley.

The watercolor concept is based on an organic design with curvy-looking exteriors on its facades. All this gives the whole the appearance of one more part of the landscape. The spacious and beautiful communal interior spaces offer at the same time respect for personal freedom and the possibility of communication with others.

Watercolor is beauty and eco-efficiency. And modernity in harmony with Nature. A place to recognize the lost natural life but with the comfort allowed by today’s architectural and technological discoveries.

We end this article with the words of Jean Nouvel, one of the most important current architects, not only because of his design capacity, but also because of his commitment to ecological buildings that make people’s lives easier and more beautiful. That they do not distance them, even in the cities, from natural life. Respect for Nature.

“A building must always be a benchmark of its time. Ours should be singled out from now on for trying to return to a clean planet, respectful of the environment and habitable “(Jean Nouvel)