The edition of Art Madrid 2020 was held for the fiftieth year from February 26 to March 1, 2020 in the Glass Gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles.

Every year, Art Madrid brought together leading national and international artists from the world of painting, photography and sculpture and the most important art galleries, in an event with contemporary art that is becoming increasingly important. This year Art Madrid organized a special edition in which, together with the works exhibited, there are performances, video sessions, talks and all kinds of elements that capture the attention of the visitor. Visiting Art Madrid this year, as always, was a unique experience because, together with established artists, such as Ouka Lele, for example, we find painters, photographers and sculptors who surprise us by the quality and innovation of their works. It always seems that, in contemporary art exhibitions is said the last word and it is difficult to find anything different and original, but in ART Madrid 2020 we go by surprise to surprise. To the undeniable artistic value of, practically all works, we must add the search for combinations of the different arts in a symbiosis that makes us see that art no longer has watertight compartments and that each genre feeds and overlaps the other. Visiting Art Madrid 2020 means discovering just that: the synergy and confluence of all static plastic arts and also the contributions of complementary sessions of sound and the moving image. Meikmag has been there and drawn its own conclusions, partly exposed, and also – and this is already to the personal taste of our critics – it can recommend, among the more than 200 artists who exhibit their work, some in which we have looked as Alexander Korzer Robinson, Amélie Ducommum, Aneh Mohammad Tatari, Aurora cañero, Carmen Calvo, Efraim Rodriguez, Goncalo Mabunda, Hendrick Czakainski, Lino Lago, Mu Pan, Quentin Garel, Teresa Carneiro, Mari Quiñonero, Misterpiro, Nicolás Laiz o Uriginal.


Mari quiñonero





Nicolás Laiz


We would also like to highlight the work of two artists, on the one hand, the Cordobesa Marifé Núñez, who presented her series “Lost Angels”, a highly stylized critique of consumer intentions and the identification of possession through the women’s approach as a protagonist. Representing the stereotype of the fragile woman as an angel and, at the same time, focusing the observer’s gaze on her as an object. A magnificent work made in neo collage with mixed technique and neon on paper.


And, on the other hand, the Argentine-Uruguayan Joaquin Lalanne, who, despite his youth, exposed a wonderful series “La Fragility of the Stage” with a surrealist aesthetic in which he makes nods to Chirico, baroque, pop, street art and the vindication of art as an area of freedom. An imaginary universe typical of this young Renaissance man of the 21st century.



But such is the variety and diversity of the works that are exposed to the public view that the best recommendation is to visit the exhibition in which, together with the artists, we have to see that we find 41 gallerists from the most advanced and innovative in Spain and the World. We do not want to finish the article without pointing to the progressive increase of women artists and their level of work and originality.


Plastic Murs Gallery with the work of Pichiavo.




Artists of Spaniards and from all countries in an emblematic place of a city, Madrid, which became the capital of the world of modern and contemporary art