Almost a continent with incredible content.

Even if it includes the wonderful island of Tasmania and its capital, Hobart, between its borders, Australia is practically a continent. It is true that other island formations of the Pacific Ocean also make up Oceania (New Zealand, Fidji, New Caledonia, etc.) but Australia is the basis that fills everything.And it fills it in a unique, varied and spectacular way. Of all my discoveries after having traveled all over the world, no country has impacted me, because of its differences, as much as Australia. The diversity offered by this immense mass of land is incredible, so close to Antarctica and seemingly so far from everything. But Australia is a continuous surprise. Although the area with the majority of population is in the wide coastal strip that goes from east to west, passing through a south, New South Wales, amazing (in that space is precisely the idyllic and yet still wild in some areas, island of Tasmania, with so many literary evocations) and with big cities like Melbourne, an extraordinary metropolis, in Australia we find all the variety of landscapes and places that the planet can offer. From the Great Desert, with the most spectacular rock formation in the world, Ayers Rock, in its center, the center, also, geographical of the country, to wonderful and leafy mountain ranges such as the Blue Mountains, and incredible beaches (all are, so special , different), marine formations of a unique beauty south of Adelaide and, above all, the Great Barrier Reef, which runs from Brisbane to the Northeast and is the most extensive and important coral formation in the world, to modern cities, with the most beautiful and advanced architecture and that are an unforgettable destination for the traveler, such as Sydney (with the building best known for its design, the Opera House), the aforementioned Melbourne, the beautiful city of Brisbane, the Great commercial city of Perth and the colonial and unforgettable Adelaide, with just over a million inhabitants but one of the most beautiful and endearing cities in the world. Amazing cities, each of them with its peculiarities and its history, relatively short but intense, located next to the sea and that are the center of life, culture and art and, at the same time, the great economic engines of Australia.

Tourism is a great source of income throughout the country, because of that mixture of modernity and exoticism, but there is also a large agricultural and livestock economy (wines in the Adelaide area and sheep farms and all kinds of livestock in rural areas) as well as an important and unique wildlife but peaceful (kangaroos, koalas …) that live in impressive Natural parks throughout the country. Mining is also a great source of wealth and it is very interesting to visit, despite the distance from the most visited area, the mining north, where we can still see mines in operation and also places, abandoned but cared for, for the traveler who wants to know all aspects of the Australian continent.Special mention must be made to other tourist elements such as Surfers Paradise, in what is called the Gold Coast,between Sydney and Brisbane, which is a paradisiacal place for lovers of water sports, with a large hotel infrastructure and maritime attractions for all public.

Australia is large, so large that only the plane can quickly unite its inhabitants today, as the largest urban centers are not close to each other. However, when you have visited it, you are left with the concept of unity and variety of its lands, its cities, its incredible landscapes.
And also of its people. Friendly and hospitable with a curious mixture of origins because, although a large part of the population descends from the British, a large part are descendants of Greeks, Italians and even Spaniards. The primitive native population is a minority, although their latest claims have made the old colonial discrimination have disappeared.
It is worth visiting Australia, which was the last great land to be discovered by the West. Because we can ensure that, with enough time to travel to the immense possibilities it offers, it will be a visit that will remain forever in memory.