The Bafta Awards, whose gala of delivery has been delayed to 2 February this year (when it was scheduled for January 7) are not going to be free of controversy. In fact they are, and much, once they have known the nominations that, surprisingly, have not been included in any of its sections or artists or productions that are not white.

We do not believe in the assessments by the obligation, but we, as a large part of the world of cinema and the society, shocked and outraged by the fact that they have been left out so many artists who have excelled in the world of cinema during the past year.

It is incomprehensible, in the section of actors who are not nominated Eddie Murphy for My name is Dolomite, Jennifer Lopes for hustlers or the recent winner of a Golden Globe for best actress for a TV comedy and music, the actress of Chinese origin, Awkwafina or Lupita Nyongo, who could have been nominated for her role in US.

What happened to the British Academy for, not only nominate any of them, but also to tape as Blue Story, Harrriet or South Korea’s parasite, big winner at the Golden Globes? We think that the neglect is unintentional and no, by part of the British Academy of Film and Television, no phobia to diversity and only this is a huge mistake. A clamorous mistake, however, that amends the flats of the Golden Globe winners and surely, hopefully, will be corrected by the Oscars. Today, the cinema and television are plural, universal and there are very big performers and directors in the five continents. Not only in China and India, whose production of movies and series are qualitatively and quantitatively the first internationally, but also in Africa, whose artists outside and behind the camera have been awarded in all major film festivals during recent years. And let us not say those actors, actresses and directors Hispanic Americans, Canadians and Americans who triumphs without distinction of origin or race.

The world of the image is precisely one of the most synergistic and various and humanity is moving in solidarity with them. Hopefully the absurd blow suffered by the diversity in the nominations of the Bafta Awards is only an accident within the cinema and television career in worldwide.