Sport is one of the most important elements in today’s world and soccer, more specifically, a meeting point for cultures and projects of all kinds, both socially and economically. Soccer is undoubtedly an element of cohesion between all the countries of the world and a mirror for many young people who, in addition to inviting them to develop their physical abilities and skills, creates illusions and projects for the future.

Soccer, in Africa, begins to have a fundamental importance. And in Equatorial Guinea, more specifically, it is an element that fosters the development and collective illusions of childhood, youth and the entire Equatoguinean people. Despite being a country with a relatively small population, Guinea has already organized an African Championship and with both the men’s and women’s soccer teams, the Nzalang, they have achieved important goals. The Nzalang was proclaimed champion of Africa just four years ago. And Equatorial Guinean footballers of both sexes play in championships around the world, mainly in Spain, which is one of the leading countries in football activity in the world.

Soccer also fosters diversity on the planet and puts equality for all at the starting point, since the success of a footballer depends only on their effort and learning, in addition to their individual qualities.

Since the late twentieth century and throughout the twenty-first century, African athletes have excelled in athletics, with several world and Olympic champions in races and now an explosive phenomenon is occurring in soccer with world figures such as Etoo, Diarrá, Salah and many others. who have put the name of Africa in the forefront. Players of Equatorial Guinean origin have also played in big clubs and achieved great successes, such as Benjamin, Balboa, Iñaki Williams and many others who are beginning to emerge.

For all these reasons, an initiative such as the Bata Foundation and the collaboration of Equatorial Guinea with the most important soccer club in Chile and one of the main ones in all of America, Colo-Colo, is news of great relevance. Grassroots football is the origin of top-level football. Children who begin to play and prepare are the figures of tomorrow. But facilities, equipment, funding and momentum are needed to make dreams come true. The economic and social progress of Guinea is not alien to football and therefore initiatives such as that of the Bata Foundation must be supported, which will be a great boost to the sporting and social aspirations of the Equatorial Guinean nation. But not only at the sports level.

Along with supporting sports training in parallel, the Bata Foundation supports all kinds of education and cultural training for young Equatorial Guineans promoting values ​​such as solidarity, teamwork, the importance of friendship and family … There is an interrelation and a synergy that will benefit the evolution of children and adolescents in all areas.

An illusioned country is always a country with goals. The impressive development of Equatorial Guinea in recent years wants to go further. Not only is it the country with the best road and communication infrastructure per square kilometer of central Africa, but it also tries to be the country with the best footballers in relation to the number of inhabitants and territorial extension of the entire continent.

With the Bata Foundation, at the same time, relationships are strengthened and there is interaction with one of the most culturally developed countries in America: Chile. A country that is linked with Guinea by many things: from a colonial past to a common language. An emerging country also with great possibilities for the future and that is also identified with supporting diversity.

A further step forward that extends the 2020 horizon even beyond the goals already achieved by the young African country and that pushes and fosters the hope that the voice and human wealth of Africa will reach and spread to all corners of the planet.