Environmental pollution, the rhythm of life or the inevitable passage of time leave their mark on the skin in general and more specifically on that of the neck and décolleté, since it is a thinner skin than that of the face and is poor in collagen . It is also more exposed to external aggressions such as solar radiation or pollution. Therefore, it ages more quickly, which manifests itself in the form of loss of firmness and elasticity, sagging or deep wrinkles.

A customized solution

For a tailored global treatment of neck and décolleté skin, Black Diamond Global Neck Cream from Tegoder Cosmetics is the perfect solution. An ultra-revitalizing cream that:

• Reduces excess volume (dewlap).
• It favors the production of quality collagen.
• Reduces wrinkles, increasing firmness and elasticity.
• Hydrates, nourishes and provides light.

Luxury formula, spectacular results

The secret of the effectiveness of Black Diamond Global Neck Cream lies in its exclusive and complete formulation, in which:

Black diamond. A true jewel of Nature. A unique variety of diamond whose application increases the contribution of nutrients and improves and enhances the natural capacity of repair, regeneration and skin protection.
Black truffle. Its composition, very rich in nutrients (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, lipids) powerfully increases the vitality of the millions of cells that make up the neck and décolleté skin.
Glaushiiline ™. An exclusive complex developed by Tegoder Cosmetics that reduces the double chin and promotes the recovery of firmness and natural neck and décolleté appearance, which guarantees the supply of quality collagen.

Along with these elements, Black Diamond Global Neck Cream also incorporates melatonin, gotu kola, caffeine and a vitamin complex.

A powerful combination of ingredients luxuriously presented in a 50 ml container. to give a forceful answer to the specific problems of the neck and décolleté skin.