Combines Spadeep Radio Frequency with the Ultrasonic technology of the Reshape

Blauceldona apparatus presents the “Minimize your silhouette” treatment to eliminate localized fat and accelerate body remodeling. Both technologies come together in a revolutionary protocol that is a breakthrough in body restructuring.

Blauceldona has just opened its first cabin at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona.

Barcelona 2020.- Silvia Oliete, director of the Blauceldona centers and one of the most reputable facilitists in Spain, incorporates in its centers a complete body program that combines the Radiofrequency Spadeep with the technology of the Ultrasound of the Reshape machinery, both created a few months ago by the prestigious company Alma Laser Internacional.

Protocol “Minimize your silhouette”

This program begins with intake of Gold Collagen Rx for 3 months to moisturize the tissue very well before RadioFrequency sessions. That is why it is the first step to this protocol.

“We will start the program in the cabin with a body scrub so that the skin is receptive to treatment, nourished, free of dead cells and more active at the cellular level”, explains Silvia Oliete.

Four sessions every 15 days of Reshape, a world-renowned unique technology are needed to combat localized fat resistant to diet and body and face sport with the combination of longitudinal and transverse waves. These ultrasounds get spectacular results because it undoes the fat cumulus from day one. Blauceldona Beauty Center, Barcelona.


Together with the Reshape treatment eight sessions of Spadeep, Unipolar Radiofrequency for body and facial remodeling are combined. In addition, it accelerates the formation of collagen that will treat cellulite and sagging, achieving an immediate lifting and lighting effect and reorganizing the structure of the skin.

Duration: It is a program of 2 months, always depending on each patient and their needs and goals.
Reshape: 150 euros session
SpaDeep: 150 euros session
Gold Collagen: for 3 months (9 boxes delivered at home): 585 euros

About Blauceldona was born 20 years ago by Silvia Oliete, its founder and director. After completing in 1992 his studies as a Specialist Technician in Aesthetics at the prestigious Jean D Estress Academy (Barelona), he worked and gained experience in a beauty center until he managed to inaugurate a cabin in a sports center, and there he was specializing in his great passion: facials. The success of this project the leads to open later Blauceldona that, with much effort, dedication and passion, has become a center of reference at the national and international level. So what she says, “it was not always easy, but like all women struggling for their dreams I managed to reconcile my role of mother with the entrepreneur. During these 20 years I have seen my dream come true and i have grown up while, far from the creams, treatments and care, I formed what is today the great pillar of my existence: my family”. After 23 years, Silvia Oliete opened in January 2019 its second center in Barcelona as part of the expansion of her company with a greater area and number of therapists.