Today, in undeniable that smartphones, through their multiple applications have forever changed our way of interacting socially, becoming an extension of our body, from which it is almost impossible to detach or move away. Although for people it is already habitual, our body is full of stimuli that in excess can lead to serious physical and mental consequences.

Stress has become one of the major health problems of 21st century societies. The rhythms of working life, the social relations, the way in which our day-to-day development has generated that the human being meets his needs quickly and effectively, instantaneously.

As an antidote, in recent years different techniques of meditation and relaxation have been introduced millenary, far removed from our idiosyncrasy that bring us spiritual and Western physiological benefits.

 -Chi Kung: It is a discipline of Chinese origin, practiced for more than 5,000 years. It consists of a combination of slow movements and static, standing or sitting postures that are coordinated with different exercises of concentration and slow and deep breathing.

Chi Kung exercises (also called Qi Gong) are aimed at mobilizing internal body energy and do not require a lot of muscle effort. Their slow movements increase your sense of well-being and also the knowledge of your own organism.

Your practice increases chi or vital energy by helping the body eliminate toxins. At the therapeutic level, it prevents diseases derived from stress and being a discipline focused on martial arts, strengthens the body and helps channel energy. A central focus of Taoism, the Eastern religion with which Qi Gong is closely linked, is the relationship between earth, body and heaven. When we master these connections, wisdom says, we can see more clearly and lead more harmonious lives.

-Katsugen Undo: It consists in practicing the spontaneous movement, where the conscious and the unconscious are naturally associated, in order to allow the inner force to develop and recover the natural balance of the body. It is a very simple exercise, accessible to everyone, that does not require special physical conditions. It is usually an individual practice, although it can also be done in a group. Properly practiced, katsugen stimulates self-regulation of the body, regenerates it

-Shiatsu: It is a therapeutic method based on ancient Japanese and Chinese massage techniques and inspired by the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The mission is clear the improvement of the physical and emotional balance of people. This will make it possible to combat fatigue, promoting circulation, helping to release toxins and rebalancing the nervous system. The result is difficult to explain, the body becomes lighter, anxiety decreases, breathing slows, we are incredibly more connected with our inner energy.

These techniques of meditation and relaxation help us to become aware of the nature of the mind. They are a useful tool to combat stress and anxiety and the perfect complement without contraindications . In addition, they will help us find our own balance and we will be happier. Mens sana in corpore sano.