For these New Year’s Eve parties, CHANEL invites you to discover 5 essentials for a complete perfume ritual around its most iconic perfume, N ° 5.

CHANEL has elevated and diversified the magnificent abstract magnificent fragrance of its perfume No. 5 into 5 new textures for the body, offering

5 ways to wear perfume and intensify your trail,

5 gestures to leave your mark,

5 ways to remember that every detail that transforms the everyday is a necessary good.

The last touch in this perfume ritual is the N ° 5 Eau de Parfum, a mythical and timeless fragrance, floral aldehyde bouquet, presented in a bottle with minimalist lines. For this festive period, it is adorned for the occasion with an exclusive limited edition cover.

And these are the 5 essentials for the body and the bath for the perfume ritual of nº5

IMPRESCINCIBLE Nº1 LE GEL DOUCHE. For a pure moment of pleasure, the Gel Douche N ° 5 offers a creamy and foamy texture, which perfumes slightly, leaving a soft and velvety skin. Its transparent bottle, now equipped with a CHANEL exclusive «Twist and Slide» cap, allows the product to flow easily.

IMPRESCINCIBLE Nº2 L’ÉMULSION CORPS. Instant daily hydration, l’Émulsion Corps N ° 5 is applied generously and easily all over the body thanks to its “Twist and Slide” cap. Its formula, enriched with active principles of rose and jasmine, leaves a delicate moisturizing veil on the skin for 8 hours *. * Instrumental test on 20 women.

IMPRESCINCIBLE Nº3 LA CRÈME CORPS. La Crème Corps N ° 5 invites you to an intimate moment of intense hydration. Its rich, sensual texture envelops the skin in softness and leaves it hydrated for 8 hours *. In a subtly ground glass jar, Crème Corps No. 5, enriched with an active ingredient of rose and jasmine, extends the trail of No. 5 with subtlety. * Instrumental test on 20 women.

IMPRESCINCIBLE Nº4 LE DÉODORANT. Immediate veil of freshness for lasting well-being, Déodorant N ° 5 leaves the skin delicately scented. In an opaque bottle, this gesture of comfort has been formulated to perfectly accompany the floral bouquet of No. 5, with fresh and subtle notes.

IMPRESCINCIBLE Nº5 LE PARFUM CHEVEUX. Last touch of seduction to diffuse the delicate aroma of N ° 5 on the hair. In a transparent frosted bottle, its formula, enriched by a new active principle of rose and jasmine, provides softness and shine to the hair.