Apply cold to the skin of the face! The beauty secret that the top Irina Shayk shares on Instagram and that is performed in The Beauty Concept with Cryo-Stick, a cooling system that prevents and combats sagging of the face.

Top model Irina Shayk has revolutionized social networks by revealing that her best beauty trick is to apply cold to the skin of her face. “This is how you wake up in Russia,” the model revealed on her Instagram account, where she has more than 14 million followers.

At The Beauty Concept, always at the forefront of the latest advances, they know very well what are the benefits of applying cold to the skin: that is why they have a complete protocol that incorporates the Cryo-Stick. Made of stainless steel, they have cooling properties that capture the cold as much as possible and that when it comes into contact with the skin releases it to achieve the desired tightening effect.

The lack of firmness in the face is not exclusive to mature skin. From the age of 25, the skin begins to lose collagen and elastin, which results in a loss of elasticity and the appearance of the dreaded sagging. Factors such as dehydration or stress can accelerate this process, causing the force of gravity to appear prematurely in younger skin.

What is the protocol? According to Paz Torralba, director of The Beauty Concept ...

Cleaning. We perform a double cleansing with the most suitable cleansing milk for each type of skin on the face, neck and décolleté, and we work it with circular movements for several minutes, thus preparing the skin to improve the assimilation of all the active ingredients.

Toning. We will apply the famous tonic P50, from Biologique Recherche, on the face, neck and décolleté with gentle touches, without dragging. This product, in addition to having a toning action, performs a micro exfoliation.

Face mask. We will apply a mask according to the needs of the skin (moisturizing, purifying, tightening, etc.), and we will let it act for several minutes. While acting, a relaxing massage is performed on the hands and arms.

Ski lift massage. In this technique, energetic manual movements are carried out with which we will obtain a lifting effect on the face and activate circulation. In this way we will also achieve oxygenation of the tissues.

Cryo-Sticks. In this step we will apply a veil of cream, depending on the type of skin, and then we will pass the very cold Cryo-sticks all over the face with upward movements and lymphatic drainage techniques, without forgetting the décolleté area and the contour of the eyes.

Cocktail of fluids. We will finish the treatment with a personalized cream for each skin type, applied with a gentle massage that will provide a feeling of comfort.


Cooling action

Smoother skin. Due to the sensation of cold captured by skin receptors, it causes a ‘goose bumps’ reaction that stimulates the nerve cells of the skin and achieves the tightening effect

Calming effect.

Draining, decongestant and firming action.

Regulation and improvement of blood circulation.

Duration: 90 min

Price: 150 €

One session every 15 days is recommended.

About The Beauty Concept

Born in 2005 by the hand of Paz Torralba, a businesswoman passionate about beauty who decided to leave her position as a senior executive to dedicate herself to what she liked the most: helping to improve the health and beauty of other people. Her centers, trusted by Belén Rueda, Eugenia Silva, Andrea Duro, Sandra Barneda, Marta Torné or Juan Betancourt, among other celebrities, are known for offering innovative medical-aesthetic services with scientific guarantees. With the aim of optimizing health, beauty and well-being, a multidisciplinary team of professionals always starts from a personalized diagnosis, considered key to success, from which the different treatments and protocols are applied in a sophisticated environment that transmits peace and wellness. The Beauty Concept has three centers in Madrid, one located on Calle Chile and two on Calle Ortega y Gasset.

Source: The Beauty Newsroom