We are witnessing moments of great exceptional at the individual, social, family and couple level, due to the pandemic produced by COVID-19 as well as the measures imposed by the different international governments.

There are many consequences of this confinement and couple relationships are being affected on many levels in just a few days that we have already been “locking up”.

The many couples that are coexisting during the days of this quarantine wonder how to take care of their relationship in a context that no one foresees. We come almost all, for the most part, from spending only a few hours a day together, investing each of us most of the time in their chores and some part of it in the relationship of the couple, to encounter a completely different situation, because now, unselectedly, you have to be 24 hours isolated together.

From Meikmag we give you a series of convenient and necessary “tips” to cope well with this quarantine time.

1.- If there is enough space, each one must have a corner at home only for himself to be able to retire at times when he needs it and be able to work and carry out his personal activities, either of rest and leisure or, in many cases, also of telematic or personal work.

2.- As we did before, look for some moments to be together, but we don’t necessarily have to spend the whole day together. We must preserve our individual intimacy.

3.- To distribute the tasks of the house in a balanced and supportive way so that neither of us feels indebted to the other nor to imply an extra effort for one of them.

4. On an emotional level, isolation can be complex and cause couple problems. After several days, dismembery differences may appear in the relationship. It will be inevitable to try to fight so that they do not appear, although it is undoubted that the more time it passes, the goal will be a difficult ideal to achieve. We have to assume that these differences are going to appear, but the important thing is how we’re going to handle them.

It is essential not to get caught up in our vision of things as if it were an absolute truth and our reasons were the right ones. In a couple we are faced with two subjectivities in interrelation and each member of it has its own history and way of seeing the world, although in some couples there is more identification than in others. So, it is very important not to impose our judgment and try to reach agreements, always negotiating the points at odds. This situation will pass and we will overcome together this difficult health, social and economic episode.