We inaugurate year and stage. We all have high hopes for the next twelve months. Perhaps as an exception, this 2021 we have not set ourselves challenges or made promises that we will not keep. What comes triumphs. Uncertainty is the main protagonist, but as long as there are no certainties, all possibilities remain viable. Also the good things and the best scenarios. “Let’s hope what we want, let’s endure what happens”, be that as it may, happy new stage. There is no better way to celebrate the new times with some leisure and, as every month, we propose some options for your free time.


The mochufas land at the Teatro español. The adaptation of one of the most hilarious and applauded novels (and with good reason) of 2020. Los asquerosos, by Santi Lorenzo tells the story of Manuel who stabs a riot policeman who wanted to hit him. He runs away. He hides in an abandoned village. He survives by reading Austral books, vegetables from the surroundings, a small purchase at the Lidl that his uncle sends him. And he realizes that the less he has, the less he needs. Starring Miguel Rellán and Secun de la Rosa.

The controversial work by Nacho Carretero Fariña returns to the Cofidis Theater after the success previously obtained. The book was also adapted into a TV series with notable acceptance by the public and critics. The story is real and known to all. Although it now seems like a distant nightmare, in the 90s, 80 percent of cocaine landed in Europe along the Galician coast. Through direct testimonies from bosses, repentant glider pilots, judges, policemen, journalists and mothers of drug addicts, this reenactment is staged. These voices are accommodated in this work.

A few days ago we woke up with the news of the closing of the Kamikaze Theater, one of the most emblematic rooms in the city. But we still have a few weeks to say goodbye – while we get used to the idea – with Pablo Messiez’s songs. A work where a group of people get together to listen to different music. And what at first seemed like a harmless act, ends up transforming them all. On the bill until January 10.



Rigoberta Bandini. The author of In Spain we called it “soledad” arrives at the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid on the 23rd by the hand of Madrid Brillante. There are still tickets here.

Spin Gospel. The national gospel exists and also with an indisputable quality. The Madrid quartet, as has become customary on Three Kings Day, make their last concert with a Christmas repertoire, the now mythical “Noche de Reinas”. On January 6 at Café Berlin.

-Freedonia. Freedonia is a benchmark band on the national soul and funk music scene made up of an incendiary voice and eight musicians who exude creativity, have a powerful rhythm section and deliver a devastating live performance. We will be able to enjoy them in La Riviera on January 21st within the Inverfest festival.

-Inverfest Festival. Inverfest gives its name to the winter concert cycle organized by the Teatro Circo Price to celebrate the beginning of the new year. After the success of past editions, a poster with musical proposals for all tastes has been put up again at the Circo Price Theater and in spaces such as the Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Center and the Coliseum Theater. From January 8 to February 7, performances by renowned artists such as Marwan, Andrés Suárez, Pasión Vega and Carlos Núñez, among others, will be able to be seen.



-That they steal our memory. The work of the plastic artist Concha Jerez is the subject of this retrospective at the Reina Sofía Museum, whose main focus is the theme of the civil war, censorship, transition and Memory. An exhibition where you can see her work from the 70s to the present.

-The American dream. From pop to today. Caixa Forum Madrid offers a unique opportunity to meet pieces of graphic works by artists such as Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg, Ruscha, Judd, Johns, Close, Bourgeois, Warhol and Kooning. A fresh and diverse display of how artists viewed this period of profound change in America.