The holy grail of eternal youth.

Futuristic films always present us with unimaginable scenarios in which artificial intelligence occupies and directs everything. Now, without the need to plant ourselves in the year 3000, the field of cosmetics shows us that its active ingredients and formulations are capable of activating and working intelligently to slow down our aging. The cosmetics and nutricosmetics of Carmen Navarro show us their most futuristic side to anticipate the needs of our skin. Smart programming in search of eternal youth.

What is intelligent molecular cosmetics?

It is formulated with intelligent molecules that are easily assimilated by the body, since they imitate the molecular structure of our own cells. The assets that are part of the so-called molecular cosmetics are capable of activating telomerase, the so-called “immortality enzyme”, as they are capable of slowing down the aging process, preventing telomere shortening.

How does it work?

Molecular cosmetics give its assets a clear and specific function on the skin. It manages to merge the best of nature with the most advanced technology, managing to successfully program those assets. In this way they act on the root of the problem that we need to treat, activating their own metabolic processes and restoring the skin from the inside.


It offers an immediate action and long term result, creating an internal network that works for hours with a cumulative effect. The use of cosmetics with molecular assets offers highly efficient and well-proven care.

What cosmetics hide this “smart programming?

Serum PLUS ACTION, by Carmen Navarro, that promotes cell renewal, the creation of new cells in the epidermis, activating the barrier function and stimulating the fibroblast to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 80€

SUBLIME YOUTH 24K ELIXIR, by Sofia Bertrand that contains a perfect combination of active ingredients and 24k Gold that spread like a network, nourishing and achieving a tightening effect progressively, smoothing the skin and providing luminosity . 225€

Smart self-tanner.

It has become an increasingly used resource. The use of self-tanners, with more “intelligent” formulas, allows us to achieve a really beautiful and uniform tone, as long as we use the most appropriate products and apply it sensibly. The first thing to keep in mind is that if you do not choose quality products, in addition to jeopardizing the health of your skin, you can end up “striped” and with a tone far from the naturalness you were looking for. There are already products that, in addition to providing us with a natural and uniform tone, avoiding unsightly stretch marks, contain substances that help us fight free radicals. This is the case of quercetin that incorporates MARÍA GALLAND’s 197 self-tanner. It is a self-tanning treatment with intense action that looks natural and is especially uniform without leaving unsightly lines. The antioxidant action of quercetin (a self-tanning substance) fights free radicals. The skin of the face and body acquire good hydration and care. In addition to being a magnificent antioxidant, it smooths, calms and improves the elasticity and tone of the skin. It also contains DHA concentrate (a type of omega 3 fatty acid), which, by reacting with skin proteins, causes a natural tan. It is recommended to repeat every 3 days to maintain the tone. € 37.50

And after exposure to the sun, 204 MASQUE APRÈS SOLEIL, by María Galland. Our skin needs to activate regeneration processes and, in addition, maintain melanin production to prolong the golden tone achieved. We achieve this thanks to three active complexes that hydrate it instantly, with anti-aging action and prolonged tanning effect. Tamarind, aloe vera and jojoba oil extracts soothe the skin, while the anti-aging complex based on green tea, phyto extracts and an innovative bioactive complex regenerates the skin quickly and efficiently. It also contains a tyrosine and vegetable protein complex that maintains melanin production, which prolongs and intensifies tanning. € 50

Supplements that make smart targets

ALOE VERA FOREVER, by Go4CO, not only strengthens the immune, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and joint systems, but also slows aging and pigmentation of the skin thanks to its ability to produce collagen. € 30.24

CENTELLA ASIÁTICA, by Aesthemed. It synthesizes collagen and proteins to repair and firm skin. It also helps to avoid the formation of fat in areas such as double chin and to avoid the accumulation of liquids. € 21

ORGANIC SILICONE from Aesthemed. It improves the structure of the skin and provides elasticity and smoothness. 20€

Source: The Beauty Newsroom