After the Christmas holidays the body needs to recover and eliminate toxins. We propose an infallible detox plan, based on healthy habits to recover the daily rhythm.

1.- Rest and recover your sleep habit. Try to sleep at least 8 hours.

2.- Do sports: it helps us eliminate stress and feel more dynamic and active. Join a gym or do outdoor sports.

3.- Take care of your diet. Bet on organic products, which are healthier. Avoid unnecessary additives.

4-. Add detox drinks to your diet. Try the detox juices. We recommend drinks based on aloe vera. It will help us eliminate toxins and heavy metals, accelerating liver and kidney cleansing.

5.- Drink water. With this we will free our body of toxins. Two liters of water a day are essential to help the kidneys eliminate all waste.

6.- Avoid alcohol, tobacco and coffee. At least, it partially eliminates its consumption.

7.- Take plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating red and fried meats.

8.- Season your dishes with healthy sauces: creative sauces made with sesame, virgin olive oil, spices (oregano, parsley, rosemary, turmeric, ginger), soy sauce and lemon.

9.- Make five meals a day: it is the ideal option to provide the body with everything it needs, including a complete meal with whole grains, vegetables and vegetable protein or fish and, of course, a light dinner.

The purification of the body is a natural process of elimination of toxins through the liver, kidneys and intestine. We help our body to eliminate those toxins that in the medium term generate us wear and health problems.

Propose to apply these nine rules detox.