Invasive procedures to preserve and maintain an elegant and cheerful face and figure belong to the past. Rafik Dehni, the sculptor of the stars, reveals all the secrets.

His name is one of the most sought and demanded worldwide, despite his great discretion. From an Arab father and a Spanish mother, he has always felt a great passion and concern for medicine, sculpture and art. Personalities from all over the world attend their clinics such as: Heads of State, princesses, international models, elite athletes, internationally successful actors, to perform their aesthetic treatments.

Thanks to their knowledge, effort, absolute dedication and revolutionary techniques, we can say goodbye to invasive surgeries, long periods of recovery and general anesthesia.

Its objective in any aesthetic treatment is to improve the patient while maintaining maximum naturalness, proportion and harmony. Your greatest satisfaction is to achieve the patient’s happiness and confidence.

1- Its philosophy focused on aesthetic medicine is characterized by the less is more, what is it based on? What do you think is the key to its success and international recognition?
That’s right, my philosophy in Aesthetic Medicine could be defined as: Less is more

Prudence, elegance and naturalness, are the terms that define my way of understanding and practicing my profession. Always looking for an improvement and not a transformation in the patient.

In the past, society had some fear or fear for the lack of information or for the images of certain famous faces subjected to the excess of aesthetic treatments, nowadays, this has changed. The objective is not to globalize a treatment and to personalize each diagnosis and procedure to the maximum to achieve an elegant, natural and adequate result for each patient. My goal is to try to work together with the patient to reach a desired ideal. There is no same definition for everyone, each ethnic group is different, but as long as I can create proportions, symmetries and make your face look happier, my work will be done.

The recognition and respect achieved, is due to an absolute constancy and permanent preparation, Success requires passion, dedication, effort and love what you do. My biggest reward is the satisfaction and happiness of my patients.



Less surgical intervention… In your opinion, what are the main reasons ?
Patients want to look handsome quickly, painlessly and without going through the operating room, today, it is possible thanks to both the development of non-invasive medical techniques that we develop in the clinic, as well as substances that have revolutionized the world of aesthetics, the Famous hyaluronic acid, great ally for the care of our skin, avoid loss of volumes and prevent wrinkles.

I receive patients from different countries and cultures daily, where the common denominator is to undergo non-invasive aesthetic treatments. The phrase I hear most in the clinic is: doctor I need to look good and I don’t have time

Many of our patients are elite athletes, actors, international singers, Heads of State, businessmen, exposed to events and commitments, which lack time, this makes non-invasive treatments more popular and more in demand in consultation.

What are the treatments that will be most demanded in the coming years?
Today we can treat any area of ​​the body in a non-invasive way. Most of the treatments we perform in the clinic do not require surgery, anesthesia or recovery time and the star product is hyaluronic acid. Very safe product, which synthesizes our own organism and does not generate any type of allergy.

The evolution of aesthetic medicine has boosted naturalness thanks to techniques that offer satisfactory, lasting, immediately visible and very natural results.

The most demanded treatments without surgery at the facial level are:

– Upper facial third: elimination of wrinkles of expression with ¨botox (forehead, eyebrows, crows feet), Elevation of eyebrow tail with botox, to have a more clear and rested look, Recovery of lost volume in temporal fossa, since It is an anatomical area that over time loses volume generating an aged and cadaverous appearance as well as the rejuvenation of the earlobe

– Third facial half: Cheek augmentation, Rhinomodelation (consists of aesthetically improving the nose without surgery), Elimination of dark circles

– Lower facial third: Increase and rehydration of lips, elimination of the nasogenian groove, Definition and stylization of facial oval and mandibular angle to prevent facial sagging, as well as the increase of chin to enhance harmony and proportions.

– The most demanded treatments without surgery at the body level are: Buttock augmentation, body firmness, rejuvenation of hands, elbows and knees as well as intimate vaginal rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid.

The objective of these techniques in a natural, prudent, subtle and elegant way is to practice preventive medicine, since an adequate aesthetic aspect produces an increase in confidence and self-esteem, which contributes to a stronger psychological health and a better quality of lifetime.

3- Best advice we can offer a patient who is predisposed to perform a treatment …
The choice of a good professional is the first path they should choose, as well as ensuring their great recognition and experience in the sector.

From the first visit, the patient must be explored, assessed and informed by the doctor who will perform the procedure without any hurry and never by a commercial agent that generates false expectations.

Be wary of free informational visits and strictly commercial offers. Not everything goes in aesthetics.

The interventions must be carried out in a hospital or clinic that has all the necessary resources to attend to any possible emergency situation.

The patient will have to sign a document with their consent once they are considered well informed and have understood the doubts about the medical procedure.