In chile’s Atacama Desert, in the Roque de los Muchachos in La Palma, in the Teide in Tenerife, in HawaI, in Japan and other parts of the world, there are gigantic telescopes that try to find out something about the origin and history of our planet, about the universe and everything it contains.Next-generation telescopes, satellites, space stations, are just a small step — insignificant in the midst of hundreds of billions of galaxies and stars — in the face of the vastness of the Universe, the infinity of the incomprehensible.

When we get to the essential questions we end up in a mystery that cannot be solved for reason. Even if we try to decipher the reason for existence we could reach madness.Because we cannot understand or even reach a glimpse of the reasons for the birth of life. We cannot understand why it originated, just approach how its development has occurred, but never discover the principle of everything. It has been said that everything comes from a huge explosion, the Big Bang… and before?. Religions speak of God’s work… but before the essential question there is an infinite vacuum.

Life is sought outside the Earth. And you’re not there. Planets similar to ours think scientists and astronomers that there are hundreds, thousands… but we only reach the trail, the shadow of some of them. They are called exoplanets. The closest discovered, with an atmosphere assumed to be Earth-like and with a formation of rocky structure and the possibility of water, is four million light years away, that is, 41 billion kilometers from our planet. Let’s put the figure in zeros: 41,000,000,000,000 kilometers… which is billions of times the distance the moon is. The bottom line is that it is and will be impossible to reach it, or, logically, any other exoplanet that can be considered habitable and that is even further away. The only possibility to do so would be with discoveries of new fuels, acceleration, friction-resistant alloys and high temperatures for spacecraft etc.,all this in an unthinkable future now. And, above all, it would be impossible to make that journey for the current human race, although it would not be for robots and androids made by Man and provided with artificial intelligence.

It is a scary thought, because of the abyss that seems to open to us. But fiction has already predicted: It has been made writers like Philp K. Dick, Asimov and several others and it seems that it is also what one of the most powerful characters in the world thinks,Elon Musk, bill Gates’ friend and the main holder and promoter of the 5G system in the United States, whose SpaceX company has already launched more than 350 satellites into space to cover the planet with this revolutionary technology for communications and the internet.

On the other hand, today’s large telescopes and those already being manufactured and installed in the coming years are real machines of time.Devices equipped with the greatest advances in computer and electronic, with mirrors of enormous reach and power, capable of reaching even the light of stars that have already been turned off, able to see the past of what happened in the outer space.

This is what surrounds us and what we are now. A small blue dot populated by beings whose existence on Earth is several million years smaller than the period during which other living beings existed upon it, such as dinosaurs, who populated our planet for fifty million years.
It is true that we are the smartest beings of creation, the only ones who have given birth to civilizations, art, culture. But there is nothing to indicate that we can survive forever. On the contrary. Perhaps that is why humanity is preparing to make a specific leap. A jump in the species, as we perceive it now. The Cyber era, the new world, is here.