The great fortune of being able to imagine is that we turn unreality into reality. Everything we imagine remains mixed with what happened, even if it didn’t happen exactly as we remember or tell it, and even if it never happened.

I have always believed that the characters of all the novels, stories or movies became, for those who perceived them, as real or more than their authors. The path of discovery of the sensations that run between the mind and the heart is always addressed, even if we do not know it or it is hidden in the mystery of a universe that was made of paper and is now of electromagnetic waves.
Both make up memory. And memory, one’s own and that of others, accumulates the course of all stories from the beginning of Humanity, from the dawn of culture. That culture that makes us evolve more freely and more humanely and allows each action to be born on land already cultivated and cultivated for centuries, not on a barren surface, an arid and fruitless land on which nothing can be collected.

The culture links links beyond the specific individuals that enrich it and make it grow and pushes the development of all societies. Culture and memory allow yearning, nostalgia and the desire to go beyond interact and be an engine of life, not remain unusable in a closed trunk in the dark.

We are all the product of what we live, but also of what we lived and left us other generations, creators and scientists, artists and thinkers, discoverers and navigators, travelers and people who have accumulated universal knowledge.

Today that knowledge – everything accumulated and learned – is more than ever available to everyone. Technology allows spreading culture to every corner of the planet. You get more, better and faster. We are a click away from information, criticism, debate, knowledge. Today, memory has a helper and a server like it never had and culture is not only the heritage of an elite, it is within everyone’s reach, it is ours. It is the air that drives the evolution of our desires and that feeds our dreams.

Technology is only alienating if misused. When it helps knowledge and diversification, when it helps life, it is the greatest blessing from heaven.