The soul and body feed back to each other. Our spirit, that part that seems to direct our actions from our desires, is intimately related to each and every part of our organism. The mind and body are part of a whole that needs to function perfectly as a whole and for this it is necessary that all parts of that whole be perfectly fed.We talk about food in all aspects, not only from the point of view of nutritional contribution of all the elements necessary for physical life (food, trace elements, vitamins…) but also from an emotional point of view.

All emotion is manifested through each person’s body. In fact, muscles and glands react physically, as we can all see, to emotions. Grief and sadness produce crying and joy, happiness, makes us smile. And our face reflects all the emotions. There is nothing more true than that saying that the face is the mirror of the soul.

There are two fundamental elements for everything to work and without which the basis of our actions will always be weakened: a balanced diet and the necessary hours of sleep. Food keeps the energy of the body and sleep repairs it. But there is something else: we need something fundamental in every human process: CONTROL Self-control, rather, regulation of all our functions.

As we said at the beginning, soul (understanding by soul what produces thought and is the place of origin and destination of emotions) and body (we already know that, for practical positivist thought, the brain is also) interact constantly. At this point, however, I would like to point out that if we commonly accept that in our body it is where the soul dwells, many think it also resides in the heart and the luminous energy that surrounds our being.

The basis of everything is balance. And here they come in as support what we call will and habits. Dear, desired and assumed habits provide positive routines that balance our energy levels and allow a harmonious development not only of our physical organs, but of our study, work, intellectual and learning activities.

However, there are external elements that must be analyzed and that we must also control as far as possible, to the extent of our ability and our opportunities and possibilities. Therefore for a good EMOTIONAL NUTRITION it is necessary that there are no elements that become negative habits and that can dominate us (drugs, alcohol, smoking) elements that can create obsessions and dependencies and that can affect our freedom of behavior and prevent maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Eating disorders also play an important role. They usually have a psychological origin since we live in a society subjected to stress and stereotypes that can distort our perception of reality (anorexia, bulimia). But without going to extremes such as those mentioned, there are also small eating habits that decompose us physically and psychologically. Chopping between meals is one of them. Sometimes the feeling of hunger is psychological and not controlling small actions can lead to the loss of that much-needed personal control. Is that restricting our freedom? No, on the contrary, it is favoring it … since a person is freer the less dependent he is.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that, above all, good and adequate information is needed. And to do this, we must not rely on such fundamental issues as those we have spoken about, and on the psychology and the care of the body and nutrition, on superficial information or on things we have heard without contrasting. The Internet is a source of knowledge. But everything must be contrasted.And, in the issues that concern us, when a problem arises, we must attend to the advice and experience, always, of a good professional.