These past days, among the many documentaries that are shown on scientific and cultural channels on television, a magnificent report caught our attention that showed that, always with the biological structure and according to the DNA of each species, there are feelings, thoughts and capacity to decision in animals, even insects.

Human is an evolved species, capable of mastering techniques and technology, but it is not the only species that feels and thinks. Mammals have feelings. And they think. It is seen in the dog, in the elephant, in the dolphins and the whales, it is seen in many animals. And each one does it depending on the capacity and complexity of their brain and nervous system.

We have been on earth for a short time … what do we really know, for example, about dinosaurs and their way of life, beyond their variety, feeding systems and their size? Dinosaurs populated the Earth for 500 million years … and we, in our different evolutionary stages, did not reach three million, counting our entire existence from the most primitive phases.

And the insects? Moths have been on Earth for an incredible 190 million years… but only relatively recently have they realized that they cannot pass through a window pane. And that is part of its evolution.

The domestication and use of animals is a symbiosis … but in Nature there are many symbioses, as with some fish and marine animals. And there is also thought and social organization and survival strategies. Bees, for example, know when one of them is going to die. And when it dies they drag it out of the hive and throw it into the void.

We cannot think of animals as robots. They are not. That is why even killing a fly should be the subject of reasoning. Therefore we should, as a species that is considered superior, take better care of them and not harm them. We cannot avoid the food chain. It is in Nature itself. But we should avoid the needless suffering in so many animals. Who says they have no conscience?