In September it is very common to resort to sport as part of the return to the routine, however, physical activity should be a permanent practice for all the benefits it offers. “Mens sana in corpore sana”, exercise not only improves our image, but also helps us to manage pressure, stress or anxiety, so we can say that it can help us in our mood.

In terms of wellness, keeping the body in shape benefits the digestive system, helps prevent constipation, improves both the intestinal flora and the circulatory system, strengthens bones and muscles, facilitates rest and quality of sleep. For this reason, the World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity a week.

Post-holiday tune-up usually also involves taking care of eating again, an equally essential habit, in order to maintain a healthy weight. That is why we say that nutrition and sport go hand in hand for those who choose a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes, if the concern is to eliminate the extra kilos acquired during the summer season, there are people who help each other daily by reducing their calorie intake in a healthy way, that is, without resorting to miracle diets, but by returning to a balanced diet and controlling the caloric intake.

Siken® Substitutes

Siken® substitutes allow each person to watch their weight or lose weight * according to their needs by substituting one or two of the main meals. These are effective products to help you in your weight loss plan *, as they ensure the contribution, in one intake, of all the nutrients necessary for the body, in accordance with the corresponding legislation, but without reaching excess calories that sometimes (even without being aware) we can perform in a meal.

The range of Siken® substitutes has a wide number of flavors and references:

Siken® Substitute bars yogurt-apple flavor, chocolate, berries, orange, cookie flavor, yogurt or cocoa and hazelnuts.
Siken® Custard Substitute flavor cheesecake, vanilla or brownie.
Siken® Substitute Shakes in chocolate, cappuccino coffee, cocoa, vanilla and strawberry yogurt (except for chocolate, the rest in bottled format).
Porridge Siken® Chocolate and toffee flavored oat substitute, and its porridge variety of oats, yogurt and red berries.

And remember:

Siken® Substitute is a line of meal replacement products, ideal to help you lose weight * with the necessary nutrients.

* The substitution of two of the main meals of the day by a substitute in a diet low in calories helps to lose weight.

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