Getting a football star’s kit and supporting a good cause is possible. Eden Hazard, Luka Modrić, David Luiz, Petr Čech, Cesc Fabregas or César Azpilicueta are some of the great names of football that are already part of the eleven football holder Footballers4Change, the new solidarity platform of auctions that, in addition to the direct aid that many athletes make to humanitarian causes and NGOs, such as the Gasol brothers or Rafael Nadal, tries to collaborate in charitable causes.

Many athletes are aware that life has given them things that others do not have and, as we have pointed out, in addition to direct and often anonymous aids, they try to give back to the less favoured part of what society has given them. Fame is not bad and if it is supportive, besides contributing to the illusions of many people can also help solve problems. Footballers 4 Change tries, in these difficult times, to also play that match off the court.

The pitch moves to the new solidarity platform of online auctions where, from today until November 24, the first bid will be held in which football lovers – and fashion – will be able to access, not only to have clothes of their favorite players but also to acquire memories and things from their families in favor of a solidarity cause.

Now you can have kits and personal things appreciated by many soccer idols for an affordable price and knowing that the money raised goes entirely to help those who need it most at this time.After the forced stoppage caused by the global health emergency due to Covid-19, the Footballers4Change digital platform takes up its activity and project with more force and determination than ever. For this reason, after the first auction there will be a second one that will run until December 4, coinciding with the Christmas campaign.

Footballers4Change is not only aimed at football and fashion fans but the whole world. Everything is ready to choose, bid and buy. It is an initiative that combines sustainability, commitment, awareness and social responsibility, which makes unique pieces available to the public at reasonable prices with a goal of social action.

Among the hundreds of star items available you can find the players’ kits, brand-new clothing, football boots, goalkeeper gloves, a captain’s armband, or the shirt that won a final. Some of the pieces have the signature of the player who donates them, but all are part of the history of these elite professionals and their clubs. In addition, Footballers4Change offers a wide selection of fashion garments, from the most popular brands to the most exclusive designers, donated by the women of the footballers, who have joined the cause. In short, this is the new website where you can find the perfect gift for a special Christmas in which today, more than ever, you can help the people who need it most.