Nothing is transformed into the comfort zone. Walk through your biography, remember every step, every obstacle, every tear, every fall, press every trace again, so you’ll never forget how you reach the goal.

Humanity is experiencing one of the greatest and deepest crises of meaning today. Human beings had become a kind of robots without soul, without conscience and without essence, until our Creator God allowed us to be awakened in one blow, with a masterful spiritual lesson, hidden behind a strange and tiny bug, as tiny and as bug as the virus of false greatness and omnipotence that the human species pretended to have…

What is human beings? Is it possible that we will find the answer?

How can we find it in the midst of this absurd difficulty that we have here and now to sustain the meaning of our life?

We have the terrifying feeling that God has let us out of hand, letting us fall into an abyss, which sees us from the top falling into a dark hole without background. We feel disoriented as if we were sucked in spiral, dragged into an existential vacuum impossible to understand and withstand.

This spiritual humanitarian crisis, disguised as a pandemic, has paralyzed the planet by banying ourselves to collective generalized anxiety and self-annihilation.

So what to do when life throws you this hard-to-answer existential question? Suffering is inherent in the human species, but it is not always necessary. Much of the suffering we experience is caused by ourselves, in personal, family and community life. Today we are called to find a fertile meaning to that suffering which we have created and which is affecting us today.

This sense of helplessness leads us to a crippling despair, when we live it from our ego, which sits on his throne of the victim, why me? Why now?

Spirituality has been the most hit by this crisis and has been banished to confinement and confinement, so it is urgent that we raise our awareness to understand that real spirituality is the one that involves a process of evolution and permanent transformation; it is the only vaccine against the worst of viruses, that of the numbed and apathetic consciousness.

Something powerfully important is being developed in the spiritual dimension of mankind:

Nietzsche at the time said “God is dead” and that phrase has been rumbling in the ears of our soul, frightening us and leaving us in absolute orphanage. Perhaps it is we who have banished God, taking him out of our most intimate spaces, as if a smug and overbearing little boy kicked his father out of his home, in a daffodil attempt to self-care. This attitude implies total immaturity and spiritual pride. Altivez will pass us a face invoice for it, until the little one, like the prodigal son, returns stripped of all ego to the Father’s house, who will receive it with unconditional love, forgiveness and a heart rejoiced by the lesson learned.

How many tombs we see around us, how many mass graves overflowing with corpses that apparently lost the battle against this cruel biological and spiritual pandemic. It is not in vain that this world catastrophe happened at the height of Holy Week, the Holy Time of Transformation, during which Jesus rose from his tomb and rose, as a divine and perpetual sign, as a blessed victory, to remind us that death and desolation are not our final destinythat behind this heartbreaking human devastation and behind these pain sores, there is a miracle in gestation. We will get up! We will be resurrected! we will transform ourselves! from the powerful force of our spirit. We will honor each of the souls who is no longer among us and who departed to the Father’s house, we will dignify every wound, every tear and thus we will never forget how the goal is reached: Enlightenment, enlightenment, uplifting, and raising human consciousness.

My pill for the soul: The elevation of consciousness is the only response that must be to the heartbreaking cries of your own pain.