Magnificent gala of the Goya awards this year. Although the awards for the film of Almodóvar, Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory)and Antonio Banderas (and more having decided that Malaga was the host, in addition to many other reasons, including their Oscar nominations, which does not take away their merits) were sung , the gala has had several culminating moments in some speeches, such as Almodóvar’s when collecting the prizes for the best feature film and the best director, or Banderas, as best actor. But, especially the most exciting moment and that all the spectators will remember was that of Amaia’s song dedicated to Marisol (with the image of Pepa Flores’s look in the background) and the subsequent collection of the prize by her daughters. This was due, not to contempt for the Academy, but to be consistent with a decision made many years ago although, grateful for the recognition of his work and work, throughout his career, he was watching the gala on television, excited, but away from the public Out of the spotlight and the crowds, as he promised when he retired from the cinema and the song more than twenty years ago. Since then he has led an ordinary and anonymous life, out of fame, in calm and tranquility, as his own daughters said on stage. This does not mean that the entire audience, standing, applauding and cheering to what was the biggest child and adolescent star in Spain

Also it was a great moment the delivery of the Goya to the best actress of supporting role to Julieta Serrano, to its 84 years and having participated in so many films, of Almodóvar fundamentally, but having never won it before.

The setting and organization of the gala has been magnificent and the awards, in fact, fair, although it would have been clear if they had rewarded any other or other nominees in the different categories, because in the nominations there were great movies, directors and actors and actresses.

The 2020 Goya Gala was a real party of light and color. Before, with the entrance of the characters from the entertainment world to the venue, and then, with the development of the session, which they led with success, but without trying to be the protagonists, Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril.

The final closing with Banderas himself dancing with his group of dancers in  “ A Chorus Line” was also eclectic, musical that premiered years ago in New York and that is now representing in Malaga, the city, his city, whose name has Proudly carried all over the world.

Now, we summarize the Goya awards of this 2020 edition.

Best film:

Pain and Glory

Best director:

Pedro Almodóvar, for pain and glory

Best Leading Actor:

Antonio Banderas, for pain and glory

Best Leading Actress:

Belén Cuesta, for the infinite trench

Best Supporting Actor:

Eduard Fernández,for as long as the war lasts

Best Supporting Actress:

Julieta Serrano, forpain and glory.

Best Latin American film:

The odyssey of de los giles, by Sebastián Borensztein (Argentina)

Best documentary film:

Ara Malikian a life between the ropes, by Nata Moreno

Best animated movie:

Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles, by Salvador Simó

Best European movie:

The Miserable, by Ladj Ly (France)

Best new director:

Belén Funes, for the daughter of a thief

Best Revelation Actor:

Enric Auquer, for Whom Iron Kills

Best Revelation Actress:

Benedicta Sánchez, for what burns

Best fiction short film:

Suc of Síndria

Best documentary short film:

Our life as refugee children in Europe

Best animated short film:


Best Original Song:

Javier Ruibal Weather

Best assembly:

Teresa Font, for pain and glory

Best artistic direction:

Juan Pedro de Gaspar, for as long as the war lasts.

Best original music:

Alberto Iglesias,for pain and glory

Best adapted script:

Benito Zambrano, Daniel Remón and Pablo Remón, for Weathering

Best Original Screenplay:

Pedro Almodóvar, for pain and glory

Best photography direction:

Mauro Herce, So It Burns

Best sound:

Iñaki Díez, Alazne Ameztoy, Xanti Salvador and Nacho Royo- Villanova for The Infinite Trench

Best special effects:

The hole

Best production direction:

Carla Pérez de Albéniz, for as long as the war lasts

Best makeup and hairdresser:

Ana López-Puigcerver, Belén López Puigcerver and Nacho Díaz, for as long as the war lasts

Best costume design:

Sonia Grande, for as long as the war lasts