Guillermina Mekuy, businesswoman, writer, communicator, also now mother and president of MEIK MAGAZINE, what is meikmag and what is it going to contribute in the world of communication?

Meikmag is a digital magazine, fresh, dynamic and current, that celebrates the essence of miscegenation by providing a platform to give visibility and empowerment to diversity, especially women, on the national and international scene through a discourse of leadership, values, creativity and inspiration that has made it possible for us to be here today. In an increasingly globalized world where borders, thanks to technology and the spirit of globality, are only those that we put ourselves.

Meik empathizes with our readers in response to their questions and demands. It is a project, already become a reality, that has been exciting to design and carry out. A project with soul and heart that reaches people to accompany them in their leisure time and daily activity, showing and commenting on current news and also background articles, with a huge diversity in the topics they deal with and always under an optics faithful to Innovation and truthfulness.

In addition, from a global perspective, Meikmag is a digital platform that does not understand social or cultural co-nationalism. We want to reach an international audience, whether in Europa, America, Africa, Asia or the Middle East.

Being a black woman, what differentiates meikimag from other magazines?

What sets us apart from other publications is our purpose of championing and leading the concept of global diversity, with the aim of breaking traditional standards and giving visibility to new talents and cultural references through a motivating message of success and professional and intellectual excellence. We look at the present through learning from the past and projection into the future. Meikmag breaks with previous canons and stereotypes by including much of the information demanded by society … through design, communication and culture in all its variants. Culture is always enriching and diversity is the essential element of today’s world. We do not create communication channels as isolated events, but we do so to incorporate the different demands and sensibilities that the current population has in a world where no one is already incommunicado. This is the big difference with other magazines: we don’t curl up in fashion paradigms, but we analyze fashion and its applicability to today’s women. We do not talk about health in a generic way, but we give practical advice to provide the main and best treatments for people. Nor do we talk about leisure simply by listing plans, but we provide readers with feasible, attractive and original possibilities, such as different suggestions for fun, travel and enjoyment. In short, we would say to our followers “We are your magazine, the one that accompanies you throughout your day”.

In the current context, what message will be displayed in meikmag?

A motivating and positive message that will respond to individual and collective communication demands for a society whose need for information and knowledge has no limits. Our editorial will have collaborations of different cultural, business, political, scientific and social personalities, who have been involved in the project and its meaning and message.

What are the references and the keys to success for Guillermina Mekuy in reference to meikmag?

My references are, in this case, those people, who believed in the idea of ​​the project and struggled to develop it, also contributing their different approaches and perspectives on topics, content, design …

Regarding life, speaking in general and on a personal level, a good example for me is Oprah Winfrey, without a doubt one of my main personal and business references. His success has been based on his perseverance, his defense of freedom and the rights of people, of gender equality and diversity. Its program The Oprah Winfrey Show has accommodated thousands of interviews with actors and actresses, politicians, businessmen and entrepreneurs in the front line of the activity and evolution of society. Oprah is a self-made woman who, in the development of all her professional successes, has put philanthropy at the center of her work, not forgetting her origins and the needs of others. An example, which particularly excites me, is the leadership academy that he created in 2015 to give opportunities to young women who believe in their future and want to grow, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, which is a great educational reference in the United States. United.

Abundant studies indicate that people are increasingly concerned with health and skin care. According to Forbes magazine 2018, the cosmetics sector is expected to reach a worldwide turnover, by 2022, close to 430,000 million dollars. Could you explain what projects you have underway?

We are addressing a new business project. A line of cosmetics designed for the reality and needs of women and men, CLEMENTYNE cosmetics.

We live in a society in continuous and rapid changes, a digital society with great need for information, which resides, mainly, in urban environments and lives in the “here and now” (here and now). This new society shows a clear concern for its image and its physical appearance. With the aim of providing something different and of quality, but accessible, we partner with top-level laboratories to manufacture our products with high quality standards.

We have created a line of cosmetics that will not go unnoticed given the biological compounds from which we start, suitable for their properties for each type of skin. And also for its design, value for money and presentation format. We want to take care of the skin of both women and men who know that it is important to protect it from the different external agents that aggravate it day by day. With Clementyne we will see an absolutely positive change in the way we take care of our skin, our person.

Guillermina, how do you reconcile business and family life?

When you believe in what you do and surround yourself with a good team of professionals, you can develop your business face more easily, indicating to your team the objectives and goals you should achieve and maintaining the supervision of the projects, trusting, at the same time, in the professionalism and capacity of those who make up that team. My function is to indicate the path we must follow to die and achieve, among all, the desired success. All this allows me to enjoy my work and reconcile, with satisfaction, my family life with the professional. Seeing my son grow, talk, walk, start being a little person, fills me with full satisfaction as a mother and as a human being. That is why I am clear that, if the family environment is stable and enriching, the work complements it and the professional projection will be intimately linked to it.

To end the interview, answer us to this small questionnaire:

  • Your source of inspiration?My parents
  • A professional secret?Work, work and more work. Love what you do.
  • Your values?Loyalty, sincerity and honesty.
  • A motivation?Satisfaction and personal development
  • A wish?Health
  • A claim?Never be afraid to grow.

Thank you

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