Guy Ritchie is admired and considered one of the best British filmmakers. Director With a strong voice and a very clear view, Ritchie has a unique and very recognizable style. The stories you choose to tell are always twisted and go beyond imagination, following several characters whose lives are intertwined in the most unexpected way.

Let’s see what makes Guy a cult director that distinguishes him from other directors. Here’s our top 5 of your movies:

  1. RocknRolla (2008). After the success of “Lock, Stock and Two smoking bars” and “Snatch”, RocknRolla’s premiere was in the spotlight of public and criticism, as Ritchie had had had a bad run and his return was very awaited. And once again, resurfacing from its ashes, it reached glory with a film built with intelligence and brilliance, narrated with a fast pace, perfect assembly, an impressive tracklist and a luxury cast, in which Tom Wilkinson is undoubtedly outstanding. Spectacular.

2. Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels (1998). This was Guy Ritchie’s debut film on the big screen. A whole declaration of intentions that came to enter us and position him in the British genre called “Goodfellas”. A hilarious and highly entertaining work, told with an irresistible sense of humor, with a very well put together script, truly admirable editing and photography, and an outstanding cast, which marked the film debut of Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham.

3. Snatch (2000). Snatch takes elements already seen but fuses them creating a fresh, new, entertaining and complex plot, with a great sense of humor, carefree, full of action and packed with fun and witty conversations and situations. With an indisputable visual power, artistic resources that catch and hypnotize and a spectacular narrative capacity; in short, an overwhelming and magnificent direction, in which, in addition, the sublime performance of Brad Pitt stands out. A jewel of film noir.

4. The Gentlement (2019) We can say that “The Gentlemen” represents the maturity of Guy Ritchie. It is often said that, by now, all the stories that can be conceived, at least in their most basic aspects, have already been told before. That is why, today, when narrating any type of story in images, regardless of its genre and content, the how is almost more important than the what. And Ritchie fully aware of this and with this film he once again imposes his personal brand, unique and hardly imitable, with great elegance, transforming his archetypal story into an exercise in electrifying style enriched by an enviable audiovisual power and a splendid cast in which he stands out the performance of Matthew McConaughey.

5. Sherlock Holmes (2009) Despite the fact that this classic film is not conceivable a priori within the modern and present genre of the British director, he knew how to take it to his ground. Ritchie, knowing that his strength is in the dialogue and in the construction of characters based on his amount of extravagance, makes his film about the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle not only fresh, but also seem necessary. Without a doubt, the success of the film is due to a key factor: the cast. Robert Downey Jr. is huge playing the famous detective, while Jude Law is at his height, or even better. The chemistry they give off is worthy of applause. A superb casting success to have selected these two actors, who are tremendously convincing.