The rhythm of daily work that we develop, the pressure we are undergoing in a world of constant and rapid change, leads us to not apply a series of good life practices, which enhance our quality of life.

In Meikmag we propose ten healthy habits that you should incorporate into your life:

1.- Eat foods rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables, nuts, nuts, raw seeds …

2.- Drink two liters of water a day (eight glasses). Water has a purifying power that generates the elimination of toxins.

3.- Eliminates fats from intake, especially saturated fats. Enter fats such as oil, fish (salmon) and nuts in your diet.

4.- Practice sport frequently. We recommend that you practice three to four days a week

5.- Reduce salt consumption. Excessive salt intake causes water retention and high blood pressure, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.

6.- End bad habits: suppress caffeine and stimulant drinks. Eliminate alcohol and tobacco.

7.- Sleep eight hours (however complicated it may seem)

8.- Get your optimal weight. Reject miracle diets and follow the previous habits.

9.- Eliminate refined carbohydrates from the diet.

10.- Reduce your stress. Stress affects physical, emotional and mental health. It is one of the great evils of our time.



Apply these habits and write us to tell us about your life change.