The benefits of the yoga technique are endless: it improves the physical, mental and emotional state to face challenges, reduces anxiety and stress, increases the quality of sleep, improves sexual relations, increases flexibility, relieves chronic pain and It is also a magnificent antiaging therapy.

But if you’re also aiming to burn calories, the perfect way to increase your activity level in yoga is to add high-intensity interval training elements, like HIIT cardio.

Known for its high-energy approach, HIIT cardio combines short intervals of fast-paced activity (consisting of exercises like squats and burpees) with periods of active recovery.

We are going to love combining HIIT cardio with yoga in a unique workout because our goal is to gain more body mass, improve muscle strength, and also change body composition. With cardio yoga HIIT you can create a fun workout by incorporating it into your regular routine or repeat 3-6 times as an independent workout.

HIIT is one of the best ways to effectively burn body fat while maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

Why is HIIT successful and what exactly is it?

To be HIIT, you have to calculate at least 80% of your maximum heart rate, some even recommend that it should reach 95%. That would mean that you are 100%. When you train so hard, you actually work anaerobically and primarily activate your fast-twitch muscles, which means you’re building strength and power.

And what do you get from a HIIT session?

HIIT is one of the most effective forms of exercise when it comes to burning fat.

– Burn calories in a short time, during and after training.

– HIIT preserves muscle mass.

– HIIT improves both aerobic and anaerobic work capacity.

– HIIT increases your VO2 max, which means the maximum oxygen consumption rate or the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can use during intense exercise.

– HIIT has a great impact on your metabolic pathways.

So, grab some water, turn on your favorite playlist  and get ready to sweat.

We suggest you this challenging  23 mins HIIT  workout consists of 4 HIIT moves:

1.jump squats

2.speed skaters

3. burpees

4. plank jacks

Followed by a 30-second water break y then 2 lower intensity moves. we’ll repeat that 4 times with 8 reps each exercise.

You’ll work the entire body  and get your heart rate sky rocketing.