Break with the canons of beauty, make a difference and establish a unique aesthetic from a sustainable perspective. After more than 15 years in the fashion world, Annie Orobiyi, designer of Equatorial Guinean origin, decided to take the leap and open her own atelier in the old town of Barcelona, where she creates unique and handmade garments.


Q.- First of all, would we like you to tell us about your beginnings in fashion? Have you previously worked as a designer?

A.- I came to the world of fashion and design when I started working at HOSS INTROPIA (a brand that disappeared last year but was a quality and stylish fashion reference). It was at that moment that I met a Catalan haute couture designer, Carmen Virginia, and a patronist with a great background in the world of fashion, Josep Ramón, who were the ones who fed my desire to know more about this world of design. They were my masters, the ones who taught me the profession how it was learned before, were the teachers who welcomed me as an apprentice and who taught me everything I was about composition, patronage, etc.


Q.- How did the idea for IO Dreams come about? How would you define your style?

A.- The idea arose when, after 15 years working for international firms, I realized that being day-to-day with real clients made me better understand what they needed, what they asked for and what those firms could not offer them. So I decided to partner with people who are experts in the world of fashion design, more than 40 years or less, to launch a versatile and easy line, which would serve any time of the day, for any situation. But it all started with a bridal collection that pretended to offer a different aesthetic to the classic wedding dresses, although always with a very feminine touch. We try to make all the girls reflected in this collection so that within the collection you can see very different styles, with common elements, the quality of the fabrics and the finishes of haute couture.

For the presentation we made a parade of the wedding and party collection at the Avenida Palace Hotel in Barcelona.
These collections can be found on our website and in our atelier located at Luis Antúnez 13-15 in Barcelona.

All of them have a sustainable nature, respect for the environment and support for the circular economy, so we use surplus fabrics from large international firms and work with small proximity workshops to make our garments.

From March 5th our Essentials will be available in WOWHILLS, Santa Teresa 7 in the Salesas area (Madrid)

Q.- When designing each of your collections, how is the process of designing and elaboration of it until you get the final result?

A.- In IO DREAMS, in addition to my designs that start from an idea, a story, a memory, an inspiration, we like to collaborate with new designers. That’s why in each collection he raised the idea or inspiration and together we shape the collection. A practical training for them and for us another way to see the world of fashion through other perspectives. Once we’ve decided on the design line and thought about the type of fabric that fits into each piece we look for fabrics in a tissue stock store. The quality of the fabrics is incredible because they are fabrics that come from the great international brands. So we can make sustainable fashion, which does not require new fabrics, but we give these surpluses a new life. Then comes the patronage with climbs and finally the assembly of the pieces carried out by our seamstresses in proximity workshops. People we know, whom we talk to, whom we discuss how each garment is to go and who do a craft job that is already difficult to find in the fashion world that a normal woman can access.


Q.- How do you manage to have a style and stamp of your own in the world of fashion? What’s your secret?

A.- I think it has to do with how I imagine women in general and how I look. I think women like to go feminine but comfortable, and that we prefer versatile clothes that we can wear at different times of the day just by changing a complement. Also garments that make us feel unique, electrifying and elegant, even if you go with a shoe. Stylish clothes that don’t go out of fashion once you spend the season, because when you like a garment you want to wear it again and again.

The secret of IO DREAMS is to invite every woman to be she itself, to feel good with its body and with the clothes that it takes. Because the woman IO is the one that takes the clothes taking it with their own style, not the other way round.


Q.- As an expert in the sector, what situation do you think the fashion world is in today?

A.- I think there is an impressive evolution in the fashion world, but at the same time a brutal throwback. I mean, fast fashion, fast fashion has changed the way we look at fashion, before a collection lasted an entire season, now they are weekly capsules in some brands. The quality and personality of the garments have been lost, the value of what it means to create a careful collection. I know we are in a world of consumption, but I think fashion can be more sustainable with higher quality clothing, lasting longer and using more. Clothing made from environmentally friendly fabrics. Fashion is the most polluting on our planet, if you add a collection a week our children will not know the world we have enjoyed.

On the other hand, mention also, that the fashion world has gone from being airtight to being much more open. Today with proper preparation many designers can choose and participate in this whole process, previously unthinkable.

Q.- What designers you admire and why?

A.- My designers…hahahahaha. There are many, but if I had to choose from, I would highlight Olivier for Balmain, I always saw a sexy and elegant woman. Victoria Beckham, who dress the working woman in classic elegance, but with modern touches. Isabel Marant, in her imaginary is an urban woman, sexy, disinhibited, who likes to go comfortable and always with shapes that highlight the female figure. And finally Stella McCartney who revolutionizes the fashion world with her eco-fashion without losing a shred of creativity.


Q.- A tip for all those people who want to take the step and start in the world of fashion design.

A.- I don’t like to give advice not for anything special, but because I still have a lot to learn.But if I had to give it to a friend, I think I’d tell him that the most important thing is to train professionally. After you surround yourself with people with experience in this world and never hesitate to ask for help if you need it. And above all, that if fashion is your dream that does not rest until you get it, because the path will not be easy, but the work, effort and the ability to overcome will make you achieve it.

About IO Dreams

We design garments that fit your lifestyle. Clothes for active women, women, women who enjoy life. Sustainable fashion handmade in workshops of proximity with fabrics and finishes of the highest quality.

Women who want to take it a step further in the care of the land by buying sustainable fashion. Our garments are handmade in workshops of proximity, with fabrics from surplus international luxury brands and limited production.
The feeling of wearing a signature with design that suits all kinds of women and lifestyle. Clothes for active women, women, women who enjoy life.

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