November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The intention is to make visible one of the great current blemishes that are perpetuated over time. It is always the time, but especially today, to remember that it is a social problem present both in the domestic sphere and in the public, in different aspects: physical, sexual, psychological, economic, cultural … And that concerns us all. Because it is a serious violation of human rights.

The unbearable epidemic.

In Spain a woman is murdered every week by her partner / former partner. At least that is what the report made by the Women’s Observatory concludes since it began to be counted in 2003. 1074 women in total. 47 so far this year. The UN warned last year, the home is the most dangerous place for battered women and that this is reproduced on a scale in all countries. In Spain alone, more than 30,000 men were convicted of gender-based violence in 2019 according to data from the National Institute of Statistics.

Responsibility of society.

#Nosqueremosvivas will be a trending topic, Instagram and Tic Toc will also be dyed purple but the speech will continue without penetrating the waterproof ears.

We have theorized, we have reached the base of the iceberg that culminates in sexist murders. But we haven’t gotten the message through. That we apply our individual responsibility when we witness an attack of this nature. Take sides when it happens, because equidistance also has consequences. Tolerance 0 without nuances or half measures to this type of behavior. Social contempt for those who practice them and those who legitimize them with proclamations that hide them. The necessary union of all social agents to achieve full awareness that also includes including men and their responsibility and identification within the policies to reverse this situation.

COVID as an amplifier of injustice.

According to an article published by the UN, “the lockdown fueled tension and stress generated by concerns related to safety, health and money. It also reinforces the isolation of women who have violent partners, separating them from the resources that can best help them. It is the perfect situation to exercise controlling behavior at home. At the same time, as health systems push themselves to the limit, domestic violence shelters are also reaching their maximum capacity, exacerbating the service deficit by retrofitting these centers to accommodate an additional response ”.

The impact of the virus causes the circumstances of habitual inequality to multiply: more women lost their jobs in this pandemic, the burden of unpaid work falls on us, we are more susceptible to extreme poverty …

These particularities are also decisive for many victims when it comes to reporting their attackers. Economic dependence -especially in those with children- and the fear of not being believed, produce legal silence, maintaining the violent loop.

For this reason, policies especially aimed at ending these aggravating factors and adding to the existing ones are necessary. Guarantee job and economic stability that prevents them from having to return to the hell from which they come.

If you are suffering abuse or need information and / or legal advice, you can ask for help at 016.