There are ephemeris that affect us all. Days indicated in the international calendar to remind us of fundamental elements on which we should pay attention and act in their implementation or improve as far as we can.

Every December 10, the international community celebrates Human Rights Day, which is commemorated on the date that the United Nations General Assembly approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948.

Human Rights are fundamental rights of every person without distinction of race or religion. We are all born or should be born equal before the Law and society, without distinction of origin, race, or religious beliefs. The human being is a creature superior to the others of Creation, and although we must take care of every living being, including animals and plants, it is the one that with his effort, intelligence, sacrifice and skills has brought, overcoming the pain and difficulty of all historical process, progress and improvement of living conditions. But these living conditions, still today, are not the same for everyone. Injustice continues to reign in many places in human relationships, both at work and in many other ways. “Freedom, friend Sancho – said Don Quixote in the immortal work of Cervantes – is the most precious gift that life has given to man”. That freedom, however, is nothing, if there are not equal opportunities for all, if human beings do not have the possibility to develop and have a dignified life and be respected. Human rights include the right of all individuals to have an education, a home and not to be discriminated against based on their personal or cultural characteristics.

Much has been achieved, but much remains to be done. May this day remind us all and, to the extent of our position and strength, we contribute to the fulfillment of these rights in all parts of the planet and the leaders of all societies strive to implement and develop them, as we do. we must do it in our relationships in public and private life.