Good afternoon. First of all, thank you very much for attending us.

Q.- Where does that passion for furniture come from?

A.- I have always lived closely the passion for interior design and furniture. My mother has an exquisite gift and taste for decoration, and she has always attached great importance to having a cozy home in which she created rooms, adding two important factors: practicality and warmth. We have moved several times and in all the apartments and houses that I have lived in childhood have been decorated by my mother.

I have grown with good taste and a passion for interior design that, over the years, I have shared with my mother.

Q.-Explain to us, when did you start in the sector? How did the idea come about?

A.- I started with the Mia & Co project 5 years ago, when I got pregnant with my first daughter, little Mia. Before I had it, I had to rest … and my head doesn’t understand this! It was with my husband, who is a product designer, that we began to develop the formula for working in a world that we are passionate about. It was an opportunity to dedicate myself to shaping all the ideas I had and developing them together with my best partner. Our project was born.

Photo: Mia and Co.

Q.- How do you get your own identity in a sector that you share with a monster like IKEA? What is your philosophy?

A.- Behind every project there is a lot of effort and work. Mia & Co’s philosophy is to offer furniture that can be accessed by all kinds of audiences, designer furniture at a good price. And one of the aspects that I have always given more importance to is the service / advice we offer and the close contact with the client.

I try to transmit my passion for interior design in each project with great involvement and adapting to each client.

Photo: Mia and Co.

Q.- Can you describe briefly how you organize yourselves at Mia & Co?

A.- In February of this year Marta joined to the project. She is a great professional, entrepreneur and best of all, trusted friend, lifelong. With it I share the same vision of life, of good taste, of business… technically we are very different and this brings wealth to our project. In addition, sharing the day-to-day life of the company with an entrepreneurial person is always more than positive!

With it we have gone one step further at Mia & co and have launched the online store, a fundamental point in a moment like the one we are experiencing … our motive is to continue giving closeness and good customer service.

Photo: Mia and Co.

Q.- Of all the work you have done, which is the most special or the one you remember most fondly and why?

A.- All our works are special for us… from the person who buys us a chair for a corner of his house and give him a special touch, to the Hotel or restaurant that asks us to equip all his rooms to create a functional and comfortable place… offices that are mounted from scratch and have us to be able to operate…it is very gratifying to see that you provide a service that has permanence in time. We serve the furniture that accompanies people in their day to day.

Photo: Mia and Co.

Q.- How do you face the new situation experienced with the Covid-19 crisis?

A.- We face it with positivism, we believe that everything will start to kick off and we will gradually return to normal. The project of some offices that stopped us the Coronavirus already has it reactive again, so we started to see the light.

It’s been a complicated situation for everyone, but we’ve tried to get the positive side out of the confinement. We have started showing online sales website with some of our flagship products and we are very happy with the welcome we have had.

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