Lucía Marth is the founder of Clemencita, a 100% Spanish artisanal haute couture children’s fashion brand, different and very exclusive, whose designs are characterized by their high quality fabrics and a tailoring with exquisite finishes and reflect the tender, shy and child that we like so much in our little ones. In addition, soon, it will launch its new sports brand, Infinity, and another aimed at pret-a-porter called Lucia Marth. We spoke to her to find out about her work.

Meik Magazine.- How did the illusion of creating the Clemencita firm come about?

Lucía Marth.- Clemencita By Lucia Marth was born as a result of a design-loving mother who wished to take her children dressed in the same way. Passionate about design, having worked at Microsoft, she decides to undertake a fashion project with her husband, also due to the difficulty of finding the same clothes as her triplets and the oldest.

MM.- What is your hallmark to differentiate yourself from the rest of children’s boutiques?

LM.- Our hallmark is closeness, all clients deal with me and Quique, buy more or buy less deal with us. When we have to receive a congratulation for our work we receive it together and when we have to receive a slap on the wrist too. We always seek to improve every day and that is done by receiving positive reviews. Everything we make is manufactured entirely in Spain, for us important and clearly differentiating.Our prices are also really competitive taking into account a medium-high target.

MM.- Do adult fashion trends have a place in children’s fashion?

LM.- Adult fashion has a place, so much so that in our launch we released an edition for parents and children to be combined. This edition was called Tristán By Sonia Gonzalez (son of the presenter and known as the singer of the jet set Juan Peña)

MM.- What part of the creating process do you like the most? And the least?

LM.- What I like the most is traveling to choose the fabrics, I buy them from Spain to suppliers all over the world who meet at the important fair that it develops in Paris, the Premiere Vision.

However, there is a part that I dislike and that is not being convinced as one of the prototypes, something that forces me to restart the process but failing and getting it right is part of the design

MM.- What are the trends in children’s fashion for this season?

LM- For the season we are currently manufacturing which is summer 2021 in general there are fashion chips in making suits comfortable and functional. There are many Hawaiian motifs in 2021 fashion collections, bright accents, various textures such as tulle, denim, and chunky jute. Also prints with animal motifs etc.

MM.- What is the basic must not be missing in a child’s wardrobe? And of a girl?

LM.- In a boy’s and a girl’s wardrobe, clothes in the most Sport line should not be missing on the one hand, as well as a dress code. Regarding girls with little jesus and regarding boys with shorts with different motifs depending on the season and blouse-type shirts or polo shirts.

MM.- When dressing a baby, does comfort or aesthetics prevail?

LM.- In a baby the comfort of the offspring must prevail but there is always room for that delicacy or elegance with plus. For the little ones we take out lines of knitwear, very beautiful and that are manufactured auxiliary with Spanish companies that we knit.

MM.- What do you think is the success of your brand?

LM.- Regarding the success of our firm, our recipe is to bring a lot of closeness, to look something familiar but at the same time resolving when problems arise. We provide a permanent after-sales service and a service from you to you. The client always has us available, they have our personal phone numbers and we allow them to communicate with us for anything any day of the week. We give quality, guarantee, Spanish confection under a deep selection of the type of fabric and at the same time we combine it with a competitive price, not only distributing to stores but also manufacturing to measure.

On the other hand, we also maintain discretion when dressing the children of Spanish personalities and also from abroad.

Thanks a lot