After the article published in meikmag, a few days ago, about you and your book, THE LIVING VOICE, you have meant a discovery for us and our readers. We now want to expand what is said in that article with direct answers to the questions that we will ask you about various topics. Let us begin with the broader concept that involves everything: Life.

Foto: Macarena Miletich

Q.- Do you think that a fundamental change in people’s way of life and our vision of human relations and the planet will occur?

A.- Gives the impression that different perspectives will coexist. Depending on the ability to analyze internal fears, for example, different attitudes will be given. There is a percentage that has been growing — and it is very interesting– of people motivated by the care of the planet, for a better life,a change of habits that help us to live together in a globalized map, with an adequate awareness of our formation and our sensitivity. Being able to manifest one’s own identity, culture, art, sharing personal experiences in different fields and sectors such as cinema, theater, books, gastronomy, sport and the way of living music, for example… everything is going to be a challenge. And without fear, because we will generate the best.

Q.- there is a struggle between different types of societies and general modes of life. In a premium more collective, in others, fundamentally in what we call the West, the individual. Security and freedom. Do you think, and more at this time, that both concepts can be harmonized? Which of the two seems most essential to you for the human being?

A.- This is called “paradigm shift.” Having a higher level of human and technological training, the track of the new performances should be manifested in the coexistence of human profiles. The new paradigm is really the change of consciousness. Understand one’s own sensitivity, act with ethical values, and articulate resources so that people can create a project that always benefits the collective, the group in which they live. It is an escalation from positive values, to see us twinned in the development of the human being, more than “potential enemies” of those I have to defend myself in everything: In health, in the workplace, in the recognition of values, in freedoms rather than borders…… take into account “what makes us vibrate”. Listening to the music we like, modulating our hearing perception toward high-quality musical themes, taking advantage of many times of the day to think that we are breathing and singing or internally singing melodies and songs. An easy to exercise.

Q.- What do you think we are missing today? Whether outside the circumstances that we are so concerned with the pandemic and in the event of overcoming it, or even during its course, how can we achieve peace in the soul and balance in the body?

A.-Use intelligence to create positive, beautiful, accompany nature in its own laws and opportunities. Know our body, to maintain health, balance and defenses, in optimal condition, on the one hand.Accept our characteristics as a human being (with lights and shadows) and decide how to grow one’s own talents and help develop the qualities of those who are coming. I believe that what we call inner “peace” is in an attitude of generating “dynamic balance”, that is, staying connected with the triad “what I think, what I do, and what I feel.”These are moments, in this present that we have to live, where we can “give the height” of being men and women of transcendent identity, conquerors of the opportunity to generate health, coexistence, enjoyment and artistic and sports expression (for example) as a sign or flag of civilization we wish to manifest from our present time forward.

Q.- There are societies in which it is difficult for a large part of the population to achieve the individual well-being and personal peace necessary because they have to meet the most basic needs, working on what goes out day by day or living in situations that, sometimes, are they of mere survival… do you think the individual can be spiritually free in the midst of poverty or facing oppressed situations?

A.- we can observe the cultural or religious bases that underpin these population groups. Many times they may surprise us. Love of the earth, for example, is a sign that has inspired us in urban societies to return to nature. They repeat again situations centuries ago…. We recover native values and indigenous cultures…Here, the urbanites want to return to “Spain emptied,” as it has been called, because pollution – to express one aspect – has already become a totally devastating enemy. It is up to us to apply emotional intelligence, on a large scale, feeling loved by all beings living with us on the planet, in the different realms: Mineral (stones and mountains), vegetable (plants, trees) and animal (pets, animals in all elements, which look at us, approach us,they appreciate our charitable intervention to live in their own element (without plastics for example, or animal abuse)…

Q.- Let’s focus on societies that are not in extreme social situations. We will speak for men and women who live in ordinary situations in countries like ours, even if they may, at some time, go through difficult times. For the men and women of our societies… where everything moves competition, haste, lack of time… what can we do to improve our lives?

A.- My special area, my contribution, has to do with recovering the understanding that we are a special living being. We breathe, we communicate with a language that is the peak of expressiveness in all of Nature. Breathing allows us to connect with our inner gaze. Feeling the body, the body itself, as a living organism that supports us. The voice brings us closer to the creative, expressive and communication capacity, from the most basic levels to dimensional communication, where man can connect with and interact with subtle realities. From natural sound to multidimensional sound. Thus, as such, these are the current possibilities of this Humanity that has gained in DNA, in knowledge, expanding the spectrum of action, now from consciousness, instead of merely from survival. Discover new aspects of life and the environment. Drive interest in us, not just momentary curiosity but deep knowledge. Contemplate instead of consume. Sharing, educating in pedagogy and transcendent values, expressing ourselves with increasingly surprising creativity, for originality, for the different sensitivities trained, as artists and architects of new works of art, in all disciplines.

Q.- Going back to the present moment… what is the basic thing we need to learn so that our health, physical and mental, is not only at risk, but substantially improves?

A.- It’s connecting inward with what “I feel like I am.” Instead of prioritizing external acceleration, social demands for recognition or superficial prestige, “listening” to what springs up in me. Finding a way to enter into the very springs that define me, that indicate to me what I am building in myself as a complete person. In the mental aspect, the technologies would have to turn towards the real capacities of our brain. Images that are too fast prevent, in “play” games, for example, the synapses from acting in their natural movement. The more hours on the play, the less attention span to study. Advertising images, movies, videos, etc., also change attention, and can promote nervous states. Exercise the training of our brain waves, towards more relaxed states, which we call “meditative”. From these guidelines, we develop the right hemisphere, we increase our perception capacity and we face the challenge of connecting with our consciousness, raising our global vibration. And that is really magnificent. The repetitive ideas that lead us to tele-directed behaviors, assumed without reflection, affect the world of personal beliefs and it is necessary to recover the reflection and the decision of what is called “free thinking”, that is, to make your own decisions about ideas, concepts, attitudes and life orientations. Those that we consider at each stage as valid to move in it. It is a reality that the expectations that cannot be met, due to the “media” pressure, if I may express it this way, create confusion of ideas, generate a moral and ethical contrast that leads us to destroy communication with that “inner voice” , intuitive, that can guide us on our way.

Q.- You say in your books and lectures that we are the new shamans of Earth and Light. Capable of linking awareness and health to our voice. Is that voice inside or outside? Or both?

A.- The voice is the synthesis of the expression of our being. What I wish to express with this concept is that, by increasing our extrasensory capabilities, such as intuition, premonition, dreams,through transcendent information, through personal growth and the desire to evolve, our energy field increases considerably (in addition to our genetic code). And the scientifically proven connection between sound and light allows the range of the wave spectrum to increase exponentially. We emit a special luminescence, if we connect these two parameters. And it goes down to the cellular level. The greater the spectrum, the greater the physical health, the greater the emotional experience in stability and the greater rest of what we call “mental noise” The quality sound gives us an energetic expansion, which is already measurable with suitable devices. The external voice, the internal voice and the “high” silence, as I have called it in the book, form a special triad that, precisely, provides a feeling of unity in us. We emit, we feel at a higher level of ourselves.

Q.- You are a teacher, professor in vocal techniques, specialist in sound and all its facets, also in breathing… what is the holistic perspective of voice and sound? What is it?

A.- We have discovered that sound can have more qualities besides rhythm, melody and harmony. We can say that its internal structure is composed of geometry and supersymmetry. We still can’t see it, but I think in a short time, we’ll be able to experience it as a new experience.

Q.- Deepening, Macarena, what is sound healing? And breathing, what role does it play in health?

A.-Sound healing is the application of vibration in the voice, in music, on instruments since the performance of consciousness. It becomes a multilevel vibration, because the high point of ourselves, articulates the interconnection of vibrational stripes from the audible sound to other strips of ripple with which we can implement new energy qualities,of information, of subtle essences. All this provides us with a dynamic balance, beyond a therapeutic application, because it includes light, consciousness and the highest essences.

Q. – In your book you also talk about the intercommunication of sound and the interaction of the sonorous bands … Tell us something about this topic.

A.- It is very well understood if we go to the memory of the OMM sound…, known to all. The interior orientation in the emission of quality sound, connected with the vibrations of love, is capable of propelling itself, from other states of consciousness, towards vibrational panoramas that can fill us with images, can give us access to subtle information, favor experiences multidimensional contact, with “evolved colleagues” with whom you can have a special meeting.

Q.- What is vibrational nutrition and how can it be integrated into the food vibration?

A.- Vibrational nutrition is the understanding of how the energy, information and essential elements that can be inserted in a quality sound. In food, it is the vibration of vital energy that makes us make a nutritional contribution. In sound, vibrational nutrition is based on the undulating format, the musical proportions, the rhythms, the styles that each person may need, different for each one. The sounds manifest “vibrational nutrients” that the subtle organism, that is, consciousness, needs to nourish all its facets. To start working, the brain needs oxygen (respiration), sugar (glucose) and sound (quality vibration). It is known that the energy level of food rises when reiki is performed or a prayer (or song) is performed, before starting to taste the menu.

Q.- Do you want to add anything else? Give us a thought of closing.

A- Human loudness is taking on special relevance. The health of our body is going to thank us for a good emission, a good sonority. The expressiveness we can achieve connects us to our essential truth and allows us to show our best values. The voice that articulates new thoughts drives progress in our path of evolution and it brings us an inner and expansive happiness in our communication with everyone else. The voice