Mica Middelmann presents Mica joyería de autor. A project that offers unique pieces made with great care from her workshop in Palma de Mallorca. After travelling around Europe and Latin America acquiring skills in the jewellery trade, she founded the brand two years ago. Each design contains the essence of the island that has seen it grow and the special bond left by the creation of handcrafted jewellery.

Meik Magazine Who is behind Mica signature jewellery?

Mica Middelmann – I am the designer and creator behind the brand. I feel Mediterranean, I am creative and I am always thinking of new ideas and new projects; I find inspiration everywhere, especially by the sea. And, above all, I am passionate about what I do: jewellery. I have always understood the creative process as a way of telling and sharing stories, something that I reflect in my pieces: behind every piece of jewellery there is a story.

MM- How did the link with the world of jewellery come about?

MM.-  Since I was a child, the world of jewellery and design has attracted my attention. In one way or another they have always been part of my life. I’ve been doing it for half my life and I’m a graphic designer by profession. A little more than 4 years ago, after a 6-month trip through South America and a jewellery course in Buenos Aires, I decided to take the big step and train as a jeweller at the “Goldschmiede Akademie” in Vienna. Once the training was over, I started to build my dream: to create my own brand.

MM.- You started this project two years ago. Where does the creative process start from?

MM.- In February 2019, I opened my first workshop and my first collection.

My pieces are the channel through which I tell my stories, I seek to communicate through silhouettes, textures and materials. Looking at my jewellery you can perceive influences from the graphic world that I try to unite in harmony with textures and organic forms. And not less important, you will always have references to the Mediterranean and my beautiful island – Mallorca -.

I can’t say specifically what my inspiration is. I observe continuously, I look at small details and moments. Suddenly, I see a possible piece, I usually capture it on paper and then I start to experiment with the metal.

MM .-Do you follow the trends when making the designs?

MM.- I like to know what is a trend and what styles are or will be worn, because obviously they end up guiding you. All this in the end is the base on which the collection is built. I adapt them to my terrain and my style.

MM.- What do you want to transmit through the brand?

MM.- I want to transmit the smell of the sea, the Mediterranean, the aesthetic; I want to tell stories through the pieces. I want to bring freshness and originality.

MM.- How would you describe the women who wear your jewellery?

MM.- Women who shine, self-confident and independent, who look for that subtle and elegant touch to complement their look.

MM.-  You have opted for a manufacturing process based on craftsmanship. Why have you chosen this model of production?

MM.- I value the whole process of creating a piece, from the moment the idea arises until it is finally exhibited. I believe that craftsmanship allows me to tell stories, create links with my pieces and with the people who wear them, and above all to dedicate time to the whole process. All my pieces are made entirely on the island, thus promoting local craftsmanship.

There is a great deal of work behind it: the design, the manufacture… It is not a mass product. I produce small series that make each piece unique.


MM.- Do you think that the customer’s way of thinking is changing towards a more responsible consumption? 

MM.- Yes, I think there are more and more people who appreciate craftsmanship in a responsible way. People value very much the knowledge that I am the one behind each piece, each story, the whole process. Added to that is the fact that they know they are supporting local commerce and putting a face to the person behind it all.

MM.- You work with natural flowers to create some of your jewellery. What is the story behind these creations? 

MM.- I had been thinking about creating jewellery with natural flowers for a long time. That’s why during the confinement I was investigating possibilities and ways to create unique and different jewels. At that time I met, via Zoom, Sofia Viale from Amancay Rural Hands who works with dried flowers. I told her about the idea and she immediately loved it, so we got down to work to develop the idea and develop the best techniques.

 MM.- In recent years, the percentage of women who decide to enter into entrepreneurial projects has increased exponentially.

MM.- I have all the enthusiasm and desire in the world to create my brand and to be able to live from what I love to do. Although it is true that the process has not been, nor is it easy, since I am the person who designs, creates, carries out the communication and accounting, sells… So my biggest challenge has often been the organisation. But at the same time it is immensely rewarding when it comes to getting ahead.

MM.- What advice would you give to those people who want to start an entrepreneurial project?

MM.- The advice I would give is to put a lot of enthusiasm and love into what you do.

MM – Do you think that the business world is changing in terms of the visibility of women leaders?

MM.- I think it is changing in the sense that there are more and more women who dare to become entrepreneurs.

MM.- What role do social networks play in the dissemination of Mica’s signature jewellery?

MM.- Social networks have allowed me to reach a much larger and international audience. Without a doubt, it is an invaluable tool that, used consistently, can open many doors and give a lot of visibility.

 MM.- Where can I buy your designs?

MM.- My jewellery can be found in my workshop in Palma (C/Villalonga, 40) and the Rural Hands shop in Palma. Also from the website or the Koa Press Showroom (C/Infantas 26, Madrid), as well as different design and pop-up events in which I participate.