Good afternoon Miryam. First of all, we would like to thank you for your time in talking to Meik Magazine. That said…

Q.- Could you tell us how your beginnings were in music?

A.- Since I was a kid, I was passionate about music, I loved singing. I remember spending hours singing and dancing and when I was 6, my father gave me a microphone and built a mic foot and didn’t really let them go. In adolescence I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to music, but I didn’t see it as something that could happen, as I had no training or a close environment that could guide me. At the age of 18 I had the opportunity to join the band Akatupower as a singer, in Móstoles, my hometown, and it was an amazing experience. Around this time I started working as a waitress at a jazz club, Bogui Jazz, and I was finally able to get in touch with the professional world of music. Many doors were opened, many opportunities, and at 24 I began my career as a professional singer, until now.

Q.- What are your influences? How would you define how you are inspired and interpreted?

A.- Mmm…. I have endless influences: Andalusian rock, African-American music (r&b, jazz, gospel) Cuban music, folklore, flamenco, Latin music… that has made me a versatile and free singer, I don’t like to typecast into a genre. When it comes to interpreting, I try not to think and feel much, to sing with truth, from the heart.

Q.- Your last album, your second album, “Quiero cantarte” (I want to sing you) … what difference does it make to the previous one?

A.- My first album “Una Necesidad” (A Need) is original music and “Quiero cantarte” (I want to sing to you) is a thank you I wanted to make to composers and artists that I admire and who have filled my life with their music. I really wanted to sing these plays. We have arranged and covered songs such as “La Layenda del Tiempo” (The Legend of Time), by Shrimp or Chega de Saudade, by Jobim, in a very personal way.I think it’s a beautiful album in which I have also had at my side incredible musicians who are also friends: Pablo Martín Caminero in the double bass, Marco Mezquida in the piano and Michael Olivera in the drums.
Q.- is there any theme that will get you more excited about within the album?…and if so, can you tell us why?
A.- We play Lole and Manuel’s “Everything Is of Color,” (Todo es de Color) and I can’t help but get excited about singing it. The lyrics, the melody, the message… it’s a song with a very current message despite being almost 50 years old.
Q.- Recently you shared a video in the Social media singing “Always Leave in the Evenings”, by Pablo Milanés, with Caramelo de Cuba, Javier Colina, Ariel Bringuez and Michael Olivera can you tell us what the experience was like?
A.- Let the masters count on you and give you such a beautiful opportunity, for happy and grateful. I know Pablo Milanés could see it and he liked it.
Q.- Your charisma and good musical taste are undeniable … what do you think the public values ​​most about you?
A.- Well, I have never thought about it … I always try to be natural, that the public enjoy, that they get excited and connect with me and with the music. I feel that being yourself always works to reach others.

Foto: Sandra Angstadt Hidalgo

Q.- How would you describe yourself artistically speaking for those people who don’t know you yet?
A. – I do not know … better that they listen to me and draw conclusions, and tell me!
Q.- What is music for you? When you sing, you can feel it in a special way …
A.- It is everything for me. Everything in my personal life and in my day to day is connected to music, I owe him a lot.
Q.- Could you tell us some of your references?
A.- My most favorite singer is Stevie Wonder and I also love Gretchen Parlato and Chet Baker.
Q.- If you could choose, with which artist would you like to share the stage?
A.- Mmmm … I would be very excited to sing with a band that I really like, their name is Coetus. They are from Barcelona and it is an Iberian percussion orchestra. I know all the songs !!
Q.- What are your future projects?
A.- Continue creating and looking for experiences that make me happy as before. I am not very planning, the projects are coming out.

Foto: Sandra Angstadt Hidalgo

Q.- Now I would like you to tell us how you feel, what thoughts come to your mind about the different current situations, be they personal, social, or about your work and sector.
A.- I have mixed feelings … I am sad for all the suffering and extreme situations that a large part of the population is experiencing. Loss of loved ones, work, health … I hope that after this governments are aware of the importance of quality public health and of protecting more people who need it most. Professionally, the culture is destroyed, we are thousands of people who have lost our source of income and without knowing when and under what conditions we are going to return to work and without any social protection, it is a disaster.
Q.- What do you think are the positive aspects and elements that we could get out of everything we are experiencing?
A.- I personally have thought a lot about the times I have complained about laziness of having to go to a rehearsal, a job or a commitment and how much I miss everything now, the desire I have to live, to see my family and friends, going out dancing, working … Valuing everything we have and do.

Finally, a short questionnaire;
. A city?
La Havana
 A book?
The queen barefoot
. A meal?
Eggs with potatoes. ahahaha
. A color and a smell?
Green… and the one with the freshly washed sheets…