Meik Magazine.- Tell us a little about your boutique, how and when was Luxury Guinea born?

Noemi Fouret.- Luxury is a fashion boutique focused on dressing women for special events, but at the same time looking for the versatility of the garments so that simply changing the accessories of the look can be worn in our day to day with a very feminine, elegant and chic.
Luxury was born from the passion for fashion of our founder. She always dreamed of the idea of ​​opening a boutique that could transfer that concept of elegance to society. And, for almost 10 years now, we have been offering our clients a line of women’s fashion, headdresses and accessories, everything they need to find the ideal outfit.

Photo: Jose Antonio Prieto Bitá @yandy_yb

MM.- Three adjectives that define the philosophy of Luxury Guinea

NF.- Luxury has been strengthened as a company based on the solid values ​​that have constituted the brand since its inception. We have a philosophy linked to the current woman who seeks naturalness and originality in clothing. If I had to choose three adjectives they would be: Elegance, Exclusivity and Originality. All this added to our enthusiasm and our desire to work and offer the best of ourselves.

Photo: Jose Antonio Prieto Bitá @yandy_yb

MM. Luxury is a multi-brand boutique, who are your main suppliers and collaborators, that is, with which brands do you work?

NF. At Luxury we work with international suppliers and collaborators such as Manu García, Valero Luna, Hannibal Laguna, Matilde Cano, Carla Ruiz, Claudina Mata, Lexus, Access Fashion, among many others

Photo: Jose Antonio Prieto Bitá @yandy_yb

MK. How is the Luxury woman?

NF. The Luxury woman is a woman of great elegance and sophistication. Daring with a sexy touch and very feminine.

MM. In addition to the women’s boutique, you also have a children’s fashion store, right?

NF. Yes, Luxury Baby was born with the same enthusiasm and passion and we are very proud of our children’s store. For Luxury Baby we work with large firms, including Spanish, Italian and Greek ones. We carefully select our garments and collections for each season in order to obtain the best possible quality and variety.

MM.- Luxury has become a national reference boutique, what is the secret behind your success?

NF.-  Through Luxury we have managed to create an integrated professional project for the promotion, advice, sale and after-sales service of garments from large international firms. In addition, we give our clients personalized attention and treatment. Our goal is not only to obtain high income, but also to earn the trust of each client and make them feel at home.

MM.- In addition to managing the boutique, you also work as an image consultant. What are the qualities and skills that an image consultant should have?

NF.- To be a good consultant,  it is essential to be friendly, provide confidence and know how to listen to what the client is looking for and adapt it to their tastes and needs (each body is a world) so that it feels comfortable, confident and very beautiful.

MM.- What are you most passionate about about your job and how did you get to where you are now?

NF.- One of the things that makes me most proud is being able to bring the latest trends from the different international fashion fairs to my country; and that, at the same time, large brands, suppliers and collaborators are aware that Equatorial Guinea invests in fashion and we like to be fashionable. I’m also passionate about our commitment to our clients. Seeing them happy, confident and powerful when they leave Luxury is an absolute satisfaction because you know you have done a good job.

To get to where I am right now I have given the maximum of myself. I have made an effort and 100% involved in the project. Not only do I direct and advise, sometimes I even act as a “psychologist” (hehehehe) Throughout my career, I have been creating a good connection and relationship with my clients and this favors me when it comes to advising them.

MM.- Finally, what are your purposes for next 2021?

NF.- By 2021 we would like to launch the men’s fashion collection and  to expand our concept to other countries. In addition to continuing to offer a wide variety of exclusive designs to our clients, we will always be eternally grateful for trusting us.