Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba is the clear example of how perseverance and perseverance in pursuing your dream are fundamental aspects to grow.
Jack was born in Hangzhou, China, in 1964 and from the first moment get seemed determined to show that if success was a matter of will, he was going to bet on it. Raised in a humble family, He was never a very good student, in fact he suspended the university entrance exam twice. He started teaching English for 12 dollars a month.

He was rejected in more than 30 jobs before becoming one of the richest men in the world. He tried to enter the police but was rejected. He also tried to get to work in the KFC fast food chain and of the 24 job applicants he was the only one who failed. This far from sinking gave him momentum to continue surpassing himself, in his words “I got used to being rejected, but I kept fighting.”

Jack Ma finally opted for entrepreneurship. In 1994 he founded his first company, Hangzhou Haibo Translation Agency, where he worked with little success as an English translator and teacher. A year later, during a visit to the United States, everything changed: he discovered the Internet. Fascinated, his first contact with the network led him to search the world for beers. He was surprised not to find any Chinese. He kept inquiring and realized that there was hardly any information about his country. There came his second attempt, China Pages. A few hours

After creating his website he began receiving emails from several Chinese investors: he knew then that he had found his way. In five years the company amassed 5 million yuan – about 725,000 euros of the time. At 33, the man who would revolutionize the Chinese digital world bought his first computer.

In 1999, after a year working in the field of information technology for a public company, together with a group of friends, he launched his new project: Alibaba.

Alibaba began as a meeting point for Chinese suppliers and foreign companies interested in doing business in China. Today is the seventh most valuable company in the world. Its market capitalization reaches 416,000 million euros, a figure higher than the GDP of Thailand, the 25th world economy. This has made Ma the richest person in China and the 19th in the world, according to the Forbes list, with assets worth 34,000 million euros.

Finally Jack Ma got his optimism, confidence and faith in what he did to bear fruit.